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Prioritizing and investing in employee mental health and well-being

We prioritized employee well-being in 2022 by increasing psychological services benefits, providing a one-stop-shop for well-being, offering wellness-related training, and fostering social connections.

A countdown to Earth Day

Our mission is to build better places to live. It means that we must recognize the impact we have on the environment and on people. As conscientious leaders, we take full responsibility for our actions, and are deeply committed to push ourselves to do better and build a more sustainable future.

Shining a Spotlight on Everyday Greatness

Every year, we take time to reward employees that receive the highest-level BRAVO! recognition through the Greenberg Awards. We are proud to shine a spotlight on this year's winners.

Building Stronger Communities: Inside Minto Communities USA's Innovative Lifestyle Programming

From fitness classes to social events and more, explore how Minto Communities USA is creating spaces where homeowners can live, learn, and grow together.

Prioritizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are critical components of any successful organization. That’s why at Minto, we’re committed to identifying and addressing any systemic inequities so we can continue to foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

Making a Difference: Minto's Employee Giving Campaign Raises $1.28 Million for Charities

Minto employees raised $213,688 for charity in 2022, nearly doubling the previous year's total. With matching funds from the Greenberg family & Minto Foundation, $120,000 was raised for Covenant House, and a cumulative $1,289,035 has been raised since 2013 for various local charities through employee-driven fundraising initiatives & executive participation in the Covenant House Sleep-Out.

Creating a Culture of Recognition

We strongly believe that recognition and appreciation are critical elements of any organization. It’s why we are constantly investing in our people, and why employee recognition is ingrained in our culture and everything we do.

Upgrading to a Net Zero Future

We’re always working on new and innovative ways to help our customers to live better, all while reducing our impact on the environment. Read on to learn more about how we’re contributing to a more sustainable and energy efficient future with Net Zero Homes.

7 ways Minto is building sustainable and inclusive communities

Minto’s community impact initiatives support causes that provide opportunities for people to achieve a better quality of life. Through volunteering time, pledge matching, and direct financial support, we contribute to improving the lives and livelihoods of every region we're a part of.

Linda Nuzzo on building a strong sense of community and belonging for the seniors at Martin Grove

We chatted with Linda Nuzzo, Regional Manager at Minto Apartments, about the Martin Grove rental community in Etobicoke. Read the post to learn about how the team goes above and beyond to offer residents a warm living experience in this rental community [...]

Giving our US local heroes a place to call home

As an employer, homebuilder, and rental housing provider, at Minto Group, we understand our deep responsibility to the people whose lives we touch. To thank them for all that they do, Minto Communities USA has created a special homebuying discount program for public servants at our Westlake community in Florida [...]

Building a healthier Ottawa: 4 ways Minto gives back

Since our early beginnings, we’ve been guided by one mission: to leave the world better than we found it. It’s why we give to organizations and causes that are making a positive impact. And it’s why we’re so proud to play a role in helping to build healthy, thriving communities in every region we’re part of.

Checking in with Carl Pawlowski - Senior Manager, Sustainability

With the recent release of Minto’s formalized Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) report, we checked in with Carl Pawlowski, Senior Manager, Sustainability with Minto Communities Canada to get all the deets on why sustainability initiatives and third party verification are game-changers for the industry. More [...]

Life @ Minto: Prioritizing employee mental health and well-being

At Minto, prioritizing workplace health and wellbeing, and ensuring our employees are safe, healthy, satisfied, and engaged is more important than ever. Here are some of the ways by which we are making mental health and well-being a top priority.

Minto's energy saving efforts recognized with IESO Award

We caught up with Adeyemi Adewunmi, a Senior Building Performance Specialist at Minto Group, to talk about his role working on energy-saving initiatives and what it means to be recognized as the Independent Electricity System Operator’s (IESO) Energy Manager of the Year [...]

Life @ Minto: Empowering Employees Through Learning and Development

Growth and development are one of the pillars of what makes Minto a human-centric organization, where we create better places to learn, grow and evolve our workforce. Investing in learning and development empowers our people to thrive in their current roles and prepare them for future ones [...]

How Minto is working to reduce construction waste

Minto’s Canadian homebuilding operations have been tracking construction waste diversion since 2009 and continues to target a minimum 80% diversion rate [...]

2021 ESG Report: Striving to Build a Better Tomorrow

As conscious leaders in a resource-intensive industry, we know that everything we do here at Minto impacts the environment, our employees, and our communities. It’s why we’re committed to taking responsibility for our actions and why we’re always pushing ourselves to do better.

Our Property Manager, Karen Jones on why residents love living at High Park Village

We caught up with Karen Jones, Property Manager at Minto Apartments, to talk about the High Park Village community in Toronto. Keep reading to learn what Karen and her team are doing to encourage community and connection and why some residents love living there so much they’ve been there for over 25 years [...]

Building better places to work: A look at Minto's new offices

Hybrid work is here to stay. Now more than ever, the right type of space in the right place is key to attracting and retaining talent. Take a closer look at Minto’s new Ottawa and Toronto offices, including our overall design approach and how we're investing in in creating the kind of spaces that employees want to come back to

Using technology to improve the customer and employee experience

Our mission to build better places to live means we’re always recognizing the impact we have on the environment and on people. Our customers and our employees well-being are at the top of our list. That’s why we’re always investing in improving our internal processes and use of technology to better serve them [...]

Conserving a precious resource: Water

According to the Global Footprint Network, "we are now using our renewable resources such as water at almost twice the rate that the earth can renew them." Therefore, it should come as no surprise that none other than the World Economic Forum found that, "half of the world's largest cities are already experiencing water scarcity." [...]

Life @ Minto: A Human-Centric Workplace

What is a human-centric workplace, exactly? It’s one that revolves around its people and considers their specific needs. By adopting a human-centric approach, we are committing to crafting our workplace intentionally around the desires of our employees [...]

Nicole Alvarez on community and connection at York Mills and Leslie

We recently caught up with Nicole Alvarez, Property Manager with Minto Apartment REIT, to get her perspective on how the team at one of our Toronto properties has been working on fostering connection and community [...]

Minto mural commemorates contribution to Ottawa mental health

Minto donates $250,000 as a formal Building Partner to support the development of the Mental Health and Wellness program at the new Orléans Health Hub in Ottawa [...]

Opening the door to more affordable housing

Housing providers need to meet the unique and changing needs of all residents. Minto looks forward to providing affordable housing to people who need it for many more years to come [...]

Raising Building Performance for a carbon free future

Today, reducing a building's utility consumption is essential to satisfying sustainability goals and offsetting carbon emissions that are bad for our planet. One of the clearest paths to accomplishing this is by ensuring equipment is operating as efficiently as possible [...]

Celebrating our history

This year, on May 15th, Minto will celebrate its 67th year in business. To honour this occasion, we decided to update our archives beginning with the "Our History" page of the website - recognizing our humble beginnings and all the accomplishments that have followed

Our best practices to create healthier spaces for pollinators

Pollinators are essential to our ecosystem. That's why Minto and the Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change at York University have worked to develop a set of best practices for natural landscaping to provide hope for the long-term survival of pollinators [...]

5 Ways We’re Living Greener in 2022 (And Ways You Can, Too!)

In celebration of Earth Day 2022, we’re sharing five ways Minto is working to reduce our environmental impact, along with ways you can, too!

The 2021 Greenberg Awards: Celebrating Our Winners

At Minto, we know we’re only as good as our team. That’s why we have an employee recognition program (Minto BRAVO!), and why we take the time each year to reward employees for their ingenuity and accomplishments through our annual Greenberg Awards [...]

Geo-Exchange demonstrates Minto's commitment to a more sustainable future

Climate change is a harsh reality that is affecting millions of people across our planet. Wondering how we are we going to mitigate its effects to deliver a more sustainable world? One solution is a renewal energy system called Geo-exchange that is based on some fundamental heat transfer principles [...]

Our Journey to Net Zero

Reducing greenhouse gases is vital to protecting our planet. Did you know that according to the Government of Canada, homes and buildings account for 13% of Canada's carbon emissions? Well, it happens to be true. But Minto is working to change the narrative by embarking on a journey toward net-zero buildings [...]

What is ESG and what does it mean for business?

Our mission is to build better places to live. It means that we must recognize the impact we have on the environment and on people. As conscientious leaders, we take full responsibility for our actions, and are deeply committed to building a business that always pushes itself to do better [...]

International Women's Day: Celebrating Women in Sustainability

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the many achievements of women. It’s also a day to bring awareness to the progress made, and the work still to be done. Joanna Jackson and Agnieszka Wloch from Minto’s Sustainability team share their message for International Women’s Day on creating a more sustainable future [...]

Let's chat sustainability: An interview with Joanna Jackson, Director of Sustainability & Innovation, Minto Apartments

Let’s chat sustainability with Joanna Jackson, Director of Sustainability & Innovation. Learn how her team is working to make Minto’s properties more environmentally friendly [...]

The 2020 Sustainability Report: An Interview with Roya Khaleeli - Director, Sustainability & Innovation, Minto Communities

This week, Minto released its 2020 Sustainability Report, and so we caught up with Roya Khaleeli, Director, Sustainability & Innovation for the low-down on the report.