5 Benefits of Wireless Light Switches in New Construction Homes

LIVE Minto | 6 MIN READ | 2024-04-17

At Minto, our mission to build better means we’re always innovating. And as consumer demand continues to reshape the home-building industry, driving the need for more affordable, sustainable, and resource-efficient homes, our commitment to this has never been stronger. 

We continue to pilot new projects and implement technologies  that will reduce our environmental impact and optimize and improve operational efficiencies while increasing comfort and cost savings for our homeowners. 

In this blog post, we share details of a recent pilot project that tested the installation and use of wireless light switches on our single-family homes product in Calgary, along with the many benefits of moving from traditional light switches to smart light controls in a new home build.

The Switch to Wireless Light Controls in Calgary

Our homebuilding team in Calgary recently partnered with electrical contractor S&S Bolton to test the Switched Right technology by Levven, a company that specializes in providing innovative solutions for building automation and construction technology. 

The switch to wireless light controls goes beyond technological innovation; it represents a shift in the construction industry. By introducing smart electrical switch technology that eliminates the need for wiring switches throughout the home, we can simplify the installation process, improve efficiency, and reduce building and material costs, while empowering homeowners to save energy and reduce their monthly electricity costs.

Here are 5 major benefits of using wireless light switches in new homes:

  1. Material Savings: Wireless switches eliminate the need for wiring from the switch to light fixtures. This not only minimizes the use of raw materials such as copper and metal switch boxes but also reduces cuts and penetrations in drywall or framing during installation. On average, Levven reports 35% savings in wire usage.
  2. Construction Cost Savings & Efficiency: Approximately 9 hours of skilled labour is typically used to complete the installation of conventional light switches. The switch to wireless lighting helps reduce labour time contributing to overall construction efficiency, helping make homes more affordable to build.
  3. Improved Build Quality: Up to 8 deficiencies can happen when different trades complete tasks working around switch boxes in new homes. Eliminating switch boxes reduces potential on-site headaches, resulting in a smoother construction process and an increase in build quality.
  4. Homeowner Convenience: With Levven’s wireless light controls, all switches in the home are made smart, allowing for seamless integration and control through the Levven app. Homeowners have the flexibility to reconfigure and repurpose switches, deciding which devices they control. Each switch is equipped with energy-saving automation features, including auto-off timers, time-of-day timers, and more. The system is also compatible with smart home technology such as Alexa and Google  allowing homeowners to manage their lighting with their voice. Homeowners can also easily move switches without any rewiring, requiring only minimal paint repair.
  5. Carbon & Emissions Savings: According to the Levven Energy Performance and Emissions Reduction Analysis report, the shift to wireless switches can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1.7 T/year and contribute to up to 4.5% in energy use reduction in new homes.

Levven’s wireless light controls play an important role in the evolution of home automation technology. It’s an amazing innovation that we hope to continue into other product types at Minto as we further our commitment to building homes and sustainable communities for a better future.

For more information on Minto's sustainability initiatives please visit www.minto.com/ESG