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J.P. St-Amand on how we’re building a healthier, safer, more resilient workplace

LIVE Minto | 3 MIN READ | 2024-01-09

We recently caught up with J.P. St-Amand, Director, Health and Safety (H+S), Security and Business Continuity for Minto’s Canadian operation. J.P. is responsible for overseeing the Canadian health and safety and security functions and business continuity planning across Minto operations, promoting a healthy and safe culture in the workplace as well as supporting Minto’s critical services during an operational interruption or disruption.

JP St Amand

Keep reading to learn more about J.P.’s role and what he loves about working at Minto.

Why is H+S so important to do well?

The overall objective for Minto’s health and safety program is to safeguard employees, enhance productivity, and optimize workplace efficiency by minimizing workplace incidents, injuries, and insurance claims.  Good health and safety management practices not only support our employees’ wellbeing, but they attract investors and partnerships and are an important aspect of our commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.  A good health and safety record is a source of competitive advantage- it builds trust in Minto’s reputation as a safe employer as well as long-term benefits for our employees and the broader community.

Our injury rate  last year was the lowest it's been in nine years, meaning employees were off fewer days due to workplace injuries or illnesses - what practices have helped to make this kind of progress?

Protecting our employees - is critical to our success.  We emphasize workplace injury prevention through awareness, training, workplace inspections and continuous improvement in our safety standards.  An ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure!  

You were involved in helping support the Fitwel® certification at our head office in Ottawa - why did we pursue it? What are the benefits of Fitwel® to employees and tenants?

Fitwel® certification demonstrates to our employees, other building occupants and the surrounding community that we prioritize their wellness.  Through the program we work to optimize health through thoughtful design and focus on sustainability and the community at large.   There is a growing trend for building owners to prioritize health and wellness as it increases asset value as well as attracts potential tenants.  As part of the program, we are focused on superior air quality, cleaning, access to wellness amenities (e.g. bicycle parking, pedestrian paths, fitness facilities, etc.), and healthy food services.  

Are there any other projects or programs you are working on and are excited to share?

A key project I have been working on is the development of Minto’s Business Continuity Planning program.  In the wake of the pandemic and with growing concerns about cybersecurity, I am leading an initiative to build Minto’s business resiliency across Canada and the US in the event of an operational interruption or disruption affecting loss of access to our facilities, reduced workforce, loss of IT and loss of suppliers and vendors.  The program takes an all-hazards approach to ensuring continuous delivery of Minto’s critical activities and minimizing the impacts on Minto’s operations.  

How long have you worked at Minto? What is your favourite aspect of working at Minto?

I’ve been a Minto employee since May 2015 starting as the Director of Commercial Operations and moved to Human Resources in July 2022 in my current role.  

My favourite aspect of working at Minto is the opportunity to collaborate with many employees across all operational groups, sharing my experiences and knowledge of health and safety and business continuity as well as gaining a better understanding of Minto’s corporate services, residential property operations, and construction.

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