More doing the right thing instead of the popular thing.

Steeped in our mission, our values speak to why we exist and what we aspire to be. They guide our approach to doing what's right with a view to doing more to help people live better.


It’s through our actions, not just our words that our colleagues, partners, customers and stakeholders associate Minto with the values we live by. We set ambitious goals and provide the resources to achieve them.


We build and nurture mutually beneficial internal and external relationships. We trust and empower each other and work together to achieve all our goals.


Being courageous demands acting with integrity and responsibility. When we make a mistake or see something wrong, we do our best to fix it. It’s why we have products you can trust and people you know you can depend on.


Our focus on innovation means constantly questioning our own actions and looking for better ways to do things that have been done in the past. It requires never resting on our laurels, always imagining the world that could be, and jumping at opportunities to make things better for our customers, investors, and communities.

Donations, Sponsorships and Fundraising

We give to organizations and causes that are making a positive impact on lives and livelihoods in every region we’re a part of.

We believe that each of these investments will not only fuel Minto’s future growth, but will ensure we continue to leave the world better off for generations to come. Minto donations, sponsorships and fundraising initiatives focus on five pillars that benefit our local communities: Education, sports and recreation, healthcare, the arts and the environment.

Get in touch with us at [email protected] to request a donation.