girl sitting in bohemian living room sipping from a mug

Does a company’s purpose matter?

A company that doesn’t just do what is required by building codes.
But one that does what is required by their internal code.
A company that does more.
More ways to redefine the way we live. And the spaces we live in.
More desire to move things forward.
To do better.
To make change.
To make a difference.
To be proud of doing the right thing instead of the popular thing.
Proud of our people.
Proud of our history.
Proud of creating homes that give back.
Proud of our ambition to build better places to live, work and play.
Our promise to help people ‘live better’ means we all get more from Minto.
More community – inside and out.
More sustainable living.
More opportunities for growth and advancement.
More recognition.
More purpose.
More with Minto.