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The 2021 Greenberg Awards: Celebrating Our Winners

LIVE Minto | 4 MIN READ | 2022-04-12

The 2021 Greenberg Awards: Celebrating Our Winners

At Minto, we know we’re only as good as our team. That’s why we have an employee recognition program (Minto BRAVO!), and why we take the time each year to reward employees for their ingenuity and accomplishments through our annual Greenberg Awards. 

In this post, we’ll share a little bit about our recognition program and the impact it’s had on our company culture, as well as our latest Greenberg Award winners.

What is Minto’s BRAVO! Program?

Minto BRAVO! is a program that enables and encourages employee and team member recognition. Since its launch in 2016, it has contributed to a rise in employee engagement levels and a reduction in employee turnover.

The adoption of the BRAVO! program has far exceeded our original expectations. To date, over 80% of employees have received recognition for going above and beyond in their contributions to our success. BRAVO! has also played an important role in recognizing exceptional individual and team contributions throughout the pandemic. In fact, approximately 15% of all recognition moments in 2020 were related to working through COVID-19.

Every year, employees that receive the highest-level BRAVO! award are nominated for a Greenberg Award under each of the Minto four values: 





Celebrating This Year’s Winners

The 2021 Greenberg Award Winners were selected for going above and beyond expectations amidst another unique year. These winners were chosen for their everyday greatness, outstanding accomplishments, demonstration of Minto’s values, and overall, for making an incredible mark on our organization.

We are proud to shine a spotlight on the following winners!

Tonia Abrahamsson

Tonia Abrahamsson, Vice President of Sales

Minto Communities USA (Westlake)


Tonia showed outstanding leadership and support during two record-breaking sales years, and continued to go above and beyond for her team during unprecedented times. She played a key role in many successful launches, new releases, and projects, including the implementation of a new CRM, while providing guidance and leadership to her team and colleagues. Tonia characterizes what we stand for as a company: honesty, integrity, and efficient performance.

Congrats, Tonia!

Errin Armstrong  Errin Armstrong, Director, Low Rise Construction

Minto Communities Ottawa 


Erinn played a significant role in creating a better way for our Construction/MasterCare Warranty team to provide excellent customer service. He saw a challenge and took the lead to identify weak points, create a plan, and implement it. His efforts resulted in higher CSAT scores, and speak volumes to the impact this initiative has had on our homeowners.

Congrats, Errin!

  Aman MannAman Mann, Digital Marketing Automation Manager

MGCO (Toronto)


Aman was recognized for her leadership role in a major CRM project. What started as a significant undertaking grew in scope as new challenges were discovered along the way. She collaborated with multiple partners to plan, problem-solve, and implement a solution, and made sure that everyone involved received training, documentation, and guidance for a smooth transition. Her determination, attention to detail, and ability to simplify technical complexities drove the success of this important initiative.

Congrats, Aman!

Dave BondCraig PicheMadeline Mitchell

Dave Bond, Director, Talent Management & Total Rewards

Craig Piche, Total Rewards Specialist

and Madeline Mitchell, HR Systems Specialist

MGCO (Ottawa)


Dave, Craig, and Madeline played an integral role in the implementation of Minto’s new Human Resources Information System (HRIS). They demonstrated exceptional professionalism, respect, and patience with consultants, partners, internal stakeholders, and team members. With their outstanding project management, Phase 1 of our new HRIS was delivered on time and within budget.

Congrats, team!

Honourable Mention

Lastly, an Honourable Mention goes to Joey Tavares, Regional Manager Minto Apartments for demonstrating incredible leadership during last year’s lockdowns in Alberta. Joey went above and beyond to ensure his team had the support they needed and that operations continued to run smoothly.

Congratulations to the 2021 winners on their outstanding achievements!

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