Enhancing the Resident Experience: Q&A with Property Manager Krishna Dheer Raavi

LIVE Minto | 3 MIN READ | 2024-03-14

Since joining Minto as a Project Coordinator in 2021, Krishna Dheer Raavi has made a notable impact on our Apartments rental team. His strong management and communication skills, keen attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to excellence have collectively contributed to an elevated experience for our residents in Ottawa, London (Ontario), Toronto, and soon to be Vancouver where Krishna is relocating this coming spring as Property Manager.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Krishna and learn more about his role as a Property Manager and why he’s so passionate about building better communities for people to live.

Tell us about your role as a Property Manager.

Starting as Project Coordinator at Minto, I’m committed to enhancing the resident experience. I focus on streamlined processes to make this possible including coordination of pre-delivery inspections (PDI), resident move-ins, and resident feedback, while also providing support in maintenance and accounts receivable management.

As my role evolved in recent years, I took on the challenge of managing a Minto property in London, Ontario, where my responsibilities ranged from hands-on building maintenance to strategic property management. This experience propelled me into the role of property manager, where I orchestrate the operation and optimization of a diverse property portfolio. I am responsible for tenant relations, strategic financial management, legal compliance, and dynamic marketing strategies. My goal is to navigate all the complexities while delivering the best possible resident experience and maximizing the value of every property under my care.

What inspires you about property management? 

My inspiration for pursuing a career in property management stems from a deep-seated passion for building better communities for people to live in. I came to Canada with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Siddhartha Engineering College, then earned my Master of Civil Engineering and Management from the University of Ottawa. Equipped with this academic foundation, I embarked on a career path where I could use my engineering background while also taking a customer-centric approach. I thought I’d start as a Project Coordinator with Minto and see what I have within me. I wanted to be productive – and it has been a very productive two years! There’s a lot to do. 

How does your role contribute to Minto’s mission? 

There’s a lot I can do as a Property Manager to contribute to Minto’s value – especially when it comes to our 2030 sustainability targets. I also play a pivotal role in maximizing the revenue of a property, taking care of our customers, and sharing innovative ideas to find efficiency and make a property more sustainable. It’s more than just managing. It’s seeing the company goals aligned with my personal goals. 

Helping with many transitions around Ottawa and Toronto while under the Yardi implementation (a software solution aimed at improving the resident experience) has been the biggest part of my Minto career to date. It gave me hands-on experience with various levels of property management and contributed to elevating property value and ensuring sustained business success.

What initiatives are you excited to be involved in, and why? 

I’m looking forward to moving to Vancouver and welcoming residents at Lonsdale Square this spring, followed by Hyland this summer. It’s a challenging and exciting time for the company as we move into this new market, and I’ll be the first to manage a Minto property there. It’s a fantastic opportunity, and mild weather will be nice, too! 

What do you love most about the culture at Minto? 

I love how we embrace diversity and show a commitment to recognition. The company celebrates employees from various backgrounds, fosters an inclusive environment, and actively acknowledges the contributions team members make, creating a motivating atmosphere. Here, it’s about working together to make things better and build a community. 

Born in India, I moved to Canada to immerse myself in a more diversified culture. I’ve always loved Western culture, having watched Western movies and TV shows since my childhood, but I wasn’t expecting as much snow as I’ve seen, or wood-frame buildings.

If you could describe Minto in one word, what would it be and why? 

Pioneer. Minto’s values make us pioneers in not only what we do, but how we do it. 

What’s unique about how you approach your role?

Most people are not aware of the emphasis I place on considering the broader community impact when decision-making. I always ask myself, "Does this choice positively or negatively affect both the community and me?" This approach ensures that my actions not only align with my values but also contribute positively to the well-being and welfare of those around me. Whether it's a small daily choice or a larger-scale decision, this consideration of communal impact guides the outcomes that benefit not just me, but the whole community.

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