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Living in Ottawa, you don't need to go far to get in touch with beautiful Canadian wilderness — some of the best sights are right in Orléans. Avalon filmmaker and vlogger Rowan, better known as Average Row, has discovered that sometimes all you need is a bike and good old fashioned curiosity to uncover natural beauty just around the corner.

For Rowan, it's important that nature is so close by. He has a growing love for the outdoors that shows no signs of slowing down. When he and his parents can't jump in the car and take a trip into the country, Rowan explores Avalon to see what he can find.

Luckily for Rowan, Avalon and Avalon Encore have three community ponds between them. The ponds in Minto communities are often naturally occurring and carefully preserved during construction to be later developed into features for homeowners to enjoy. Other times they are stormwater management ponds built to control runoff from rain and melted snow, where plants and wildlife thrive.

“Each pond is different”, Rowan says of the three distinct ponds located in Avalon and Avalon Encore. “And each is at a different stage in its natural development. With these ponds nearby, I can get on my bike and go explore nature whenever I want!”

Watch Average Row's first video here and stay tuned for more videos from Average Row as he continues his tour of the natural surroundings in Avalon and Avalon Encore.

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