Pre Move-In

Pre Move-In

Lease Construction

How we build your home

While your new home is under construction, you will have the opportunity to meet a member of the Construction Team for a guided walkthrough of your home — they’ll also answer any questions you may have.

Your Construction Steps

Meet your Builder appointment (if applicable)

The opportunity to meet or ask questions to the members of the Construction team building your specific home will come once construction is underway and you approach your optional Frame Walk appointment. If you need to ask questions prior to your Frame Walk, your Customer Experience Coordinator can put you in touch with the best person from the team to get you answers.

Frame Walk appointment

If your new home is primarily made of wood, you will be offered the opportunity to tour through your home during construction, once the mechanical and electrical are complete and prior to the drywall being installed. With all your selections finalized, a Minto Construction Team member will be your guide through this tour and explain the Construction process and answer any questions you may have. As you will be visiting an active construction site, a hard hat and steel toed boots (provided by Minto) as well as a signed waiver are required in order to ensure your safety. Please be advised that no one under the age of 16 is permitted on site.

Things to Know During Construction


We are building your new home on an active construction site. At Minto, our first priority on every site is health and safety: for our employees, tradespeople, and our homeowners. The many safety risks on a construction site are not always apparent. We appreciate how exciting it can be to see your home while it’s being built; however, for your safety as well as ours, we can’t allow homeowners on site except during scheduled visits with a Minto staff member.

Are we on schedule?

Delays to your home’s construction can occur due to a number of factors and we will always choose to revise your occupancy/closing date if it is required to deliver the quality home you expect from us. We are committed to keeping you informed of any changes to your occupancy/closing date. Typically, you can count on 90 days notice if we need to change your date, however there are exceptions in extreme circumstances. For more information and the conditions and procedure on how a builder can revise your closing/occupancy date, please reach out to your Customer Experience Coordinator or refer to your Statement of Critical Dates in your Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

Moving into a New Home

As is the case with any new home in a community or condominium complex, there may be ongoing construction activity in or around your home after you move in. You should expect some temporary disruptions, as well as dust, dirt and traffic as we work to complete your neighbours’ homes. While we always try hard to minimize any such inconveniences, you may be aware of construction noise during regular working hours.

In a new community, full completion of construction activities such as applying a top coat of asphalt on roadways, cleaning sewers and storm ponds, finishing repairs to curbs and sidewalks, and replacing trees may take up to two to three years. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work hard to complete your Minto community.

Your Driveway

Minto has been building homes for more than 65 years in different parts of Ontario, largely in the Ottawa region and the Greater Toronto Area.

In places where we have come to expect greater variation in weather conditions over the course of the year, we find it best to allow all of the recently excavated earth around a new home to settle and undergo a full freeze-thaw cycle before we pave the driveway. This typically takes place over three to four seasons (i.e., summer, fall, winter, spring), and we often schedule driveway paving in the warmer months in order to deliver a better-quality product with a longer life expectancy.


We understand how important it is for our homeowners to have a lawn in place when they move in. Laying sod for new lawns is a seasonal task, with timing that is largely determined by the weather, so we generally schedule sod installation in the warmer months. We work closely with our tradespeople and suppliers so that we can install sod around your new home as soon as ground conditions are ideal for starting a healthy lawn.

Once your sod goes down, it’s the homeowner’s responsibility to help the grass establish by frequent watering in the first two weeks, and as needed.

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