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Pre Move-In
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How we build your community

At Minto Communities, we don’t just build your new home; we’re proud to masterplan your community design as well. Our Land Development Team works hard in the background to bring your new community to life. From park development and creating thoughtful streetscapes to installing street utilities, building roads, and everything in between, the Land Development Team is on it.

Steps to building your community

What does community planning include?

  • Final municipal approvals for your community are either complete or in the process of being finalized
  • Infrastructure for utilities (telephone, cable, electricity and natural gas) is being installed
  • Underground services are being installed
  • Roads are being constructed
  • Our condo tower sites are selected with the same process we use when designing our Single Family Home and Townhome communities. This diligence ensures our homeowners have an exceptional place to live.

Unless you are one of the last homeowners to move into your new community, the finishing touches on your neighbourhood will likely be put in place after you receive your keys. Curbs, bus stops, permanent mailboxes, and sidewalks are just some examples of installations that may happen up to two years after you move in to ensure they are not damaged by construction activities and can benefit the neighbourhood for years to come.

Location of Street Utilities

When you first purchased your Minto home, it is unlikely that the exact location of utility structures such as fire hydrants, telephone service boxes, mail boxes, street lights and electrical transformer boxes was not fully determined or known. If you drive by your new home while it’s under construction, you may see a number of utility structures distributed across the streetscape.

It is important to keep in mind that in order to ensure the integrity and functionality of your new neighbourhood, municipal land adjacent to your property may be identified as the most efficient location for one or more of these structures or for easements by which to access them. We are always mindful of the location of these structures, and we work diligently with municipalities and utility companies to meet their placement guidelines and requirements while considering our homeowners. Most utility structures will be placed near the corner of a property to minimize their impact in terms of sight lines.

When will the roads be completely finished and up to the right “level”?

The roads in your new community will consist of two coats of asphalt. The first one, commonly known as the “base” coat, is generally laid down during the early stages of a community’s development. Please keep in mind that all construction traffic will occur on this first layer of asphalt, so some cracking and dust build-up is to be expected. Once construction in the larger area around your home has been completed, a top coat of asphalt is laid down.

This approach allows the ground beneath the base coat to settle, which in turn helps improve the long-term quality and durability of the roads in your new community.

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