The Caraway - Built for better living

As a fully electric Net Zero Energy home, the 2021 Minto Dream Home slashes energy consumption while supercharging comfort to deliver smart, sustainable living. The Caraway’s elegant design embraces wellness by generating as much energy as it consumes while using 40% less energy than homes with a similar floorplan.

More than just a pretty face

Fully sustainable

  • Fully electric, reducing the home’s carbon impact and eliminating the need for fossil fuel.
  • Scalable and future-proofed by being battery-ready with fixed operational costs
  • Electric car charging station powered by an Electric Vehicle Energy Management System
  • Solar panels turn the home into a net energy generator, producing as much energy as the home consumes

Premium home comfort

  • Superior insulation keeps the home up to 3-times warmer during a power failure
  • Ecologically friendly and energy-efficient LED lighting produces zero UV emissions
  • High-performance heating and cooling system, hybrid electric water heater and energy recovery ventilator improve efficiency
  • Airtight triple-pane Energy Star windows and extra insulation lower outside noise, eliminate drafts and enhance thermal comfort

Restorative intelligence

  • Home Wellness system regulates air quality and purifies drinking water
  • In the primary bedroom, smart lighting systems and window shades are automated to suit your lifestyle. Circadian lighting mimics natural sunlight to improve your sleep, energy, mood and productivity

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Dare to dream

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