Which Wood is Right for You?

Selecting the right kind of flooring is probably one of the most important decisions in your home building or renovating project, since it sets the tone for all of the elements that follow. There are many different options to consider, from tile to carpet, but the gold standard these days tends to be hardwood because of its versatility, durability and natural beauty. That said, all hardwood is not created equal, and making a decision extends beyond simply choosing a colour. Before making a decision, consider these factors:

Types of woods

Oak and maple are the clear frontrunners in terms of hardwood flooring in North America, and for valid reason, they are super durable and easy to maintain. Oak features a beautiful natural grain while a maple grain is much more subtle. Both oak and maple are widely available and reasonably priced. Another popular choice is walnut, which is moderately softer than oak, but features a dark colour making it perfect for both contemporary and traditional designs. Other popular (and easily accessible) hardwoods include hickory, maple, and cherry — all valiant choices, but it really just comes down to personal taste.

Plank width

While hardwood of the past was traditionally installed in two-to-three-inch strips, today’s homeowner has embraced wider planks because of their beautiful look and the sense of luxury they convey. Wider planks don’t just look more expensive — they are more expensive, with the cost climbing with the length of the wood. While wide planks will produce fewer seams than thinner strips, remember that those seams may eventually become more prominent over time as changes in the wood aren’t distributed across as many boards and movement might appear exaggerated.

Visit our collection of Model Homes in Arcadia in Kanata, Avalon Encore in Orleans, Harmony in Barrhaven, and Mahogany in Manotick for endless inspiration or visit home improvement stores to get a feel for what hardwoods and plank styles are en vogue. These floors will be well worn, and well loved in your home — make sure you find which wood is right for you.

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