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Minto Communities comes to Almonte: attainable living in Weavers Way

Minto Communities Ottawa has pushed boundaries since 1955. From community development to building practices to home design. Now, it’s time to push the boundaries in a different way. To look beyond Ottawa’s city limits and launch a new community in Almonte. 

Why? Because of the opportunities it offers homebuyers—attainable prices for new homes, the small-town lifestyle and connection to nature, the benefit of living just outside of the city. Plus, the eats, boutiques and friendly faces woven into the fabric of Almonte. Let’s take a closer look at what this means to you and why Minto is launching Weavers Way in Almonte.

Family in downtown Almonte

Why Almonte

Almonte is considered one of Ontario’s prettiest towns, with all of its historic buildings and picturesque views of the Mississippi River. (There’s a reason why downtown Almonte is the backdrop for more than a dozen Hallmark holiday movies!) Then there’s the quaint shops and maker culture. Almonte’s history is one of artistry and innovation, from the textile mills stitching the town’s growth in the 1800s to James Naismith, Almonte native and the inventor of basketball. The artisanal and entrepreneurial spirits were alive back then—and they’re thriving today. 

Nature is as much a part of the town as culture and heritage. The Mississippi River winds through the centre of Almonte, with its tranquil sound heard from nearly every corner of downtown. There are parks, too, including the Metcalfe Geoheritage Park, home to 2.5 billion years of geological history. Conservation areas with hiking trails are also nearby. 

Above all, Almonte delivers the charm of living in a small town without rural seclusion. Kanata is a short 20-minute drive away—the stretch along March Road is scenic, making for a peaceful commute to and from work. While downtown Ottawa is only 25 minutes further, giving you access to the best of the city whenever you want. 

Simply put, Almonte offers the vibrancy of Ottawa at the speed of a small town. It’s close and connected, vintage and modern, full of quirks and perks. And Weavers Way is your chance to call this town home. 

Weavers Way, Almonte

Why the name Weavers Way

The name “Weavers Way” is two-fold. First, there’s a direct thread to Almonte’s past and present. Consider the history of the textile industry, turning Almonte from just another settlement into one of Lanark County’s most popular destinations. With makers, artists and crafters continuing to weave new life into the town throughout the years.

Second, there’s the story you get to spin in Almonte. The ownership over your future, with a new home at an attainable price in a town with so much to offer—comfort and quality, peace of mind and pride of place. And our new community adds another layer to the story of Almonte and your family, providing the opportunity for new growth and prosperity. For you and the town, for now and into the future.

It’s all woven together in Weavers Way.

Why it matters to you

So, you know why Minto is coming to Almonte. And you know the story behind the new community’s name. 

But why does Weavers Way matter to you? Because the housing market in Almonte is different from Ottawa. Being outside of the city limits means new homes start at a more attainable price. Not only that, building a new community in the town means you get to choose from new Single Family Homes and Townhomes. Not a century home or a fixer-upper, a brand new home.

The first phase of Weavers Way will have a little bit of everything. Here’s what to expect:

  • Avenue Townhomes with 2–3 bedrooms and up to 1,624 square feet—perfect as your first home or the next chapter
  • Class-defining Executive Townhomes with up to 6 bedrooms—whether your family is expanding or you work from home, there’s a home that grows with you
  • Three different collections of Single Family Homes—from 3-Storey Singles to 36’ Singles to 43’ Singles, with layout upgrades and floorplans for multi-generational living

Function, flexible, fit for your future. It’s all yours in Weavers Way, Almonte, a home that supports and enriches the fabric of your life.

Weavers Way is in the early stages of development, with the Grand Opening coming 2024. Be the first to get launch updates, including the site plan and new home pricing.

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