The Case for Jack and Jill Bathrooms

So, what exactly is a Jack and Jill bathroom? Essentially, it’s a full-sized bathroom, commonly located between two other rooms, usually bedrooms, with multiple entries and shared by multiple people. If you’re looking to add a shared bathroom to the mix, consider these tips:


The key element to any successful bathroom is privacy, so make sure all doors are outfitted with locks to avoid accidental intrusions. A Jack and Jill bathroom is also great way to instill the importance of a routine in the young ones. Everyone will be rushing to share the mirror and the sink in the morning — use the evenings for showers.

Space and storage

A double vanity with ample storage is highly recommended, allowing everyone to have their own space for getting ready and storing their bathroom products. Some of our homes not only include generous cabinet space, but also a linen closet for towels and other bathroom products.

Keeping it neutral

Since a Jack and Jill bathroom will be used by multiple people, try to keep the paint colour and fixtures neutral so distinct personalities can be expressed through accessories. As their tastes evolve, you can simply swap out any decorations versus completely revamping the room or trying to come up with a design that satisfies everyone.

While Jack and Jill bathrooms can require an adjustment period, they’re a great option for large families. As an added bonus, they’re a great way to teach the kids about sharing and compromise.

Tour our collection of Model Homes in Arcadia in Kanata, Avalon Encore in Orleans, Harmony in Barrhaven, and Mahogany in Manotick and see for yourself the benefits and practicality of our Jack and Jill bathrooms!

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