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Manotick is a unique community, presenting an idyllic escape from the city. Selecting the right school for your child is an important decision, and there are a number of great options available to residents of Mahogany. Plans are also in place to build new schools in the area in the future.

Finding a school near you

English elementary schools near Mahogany include St. Leonard and Manotick Public School — both found within Manotick. A little farther, toward Barrhaven, are Wazoson Public School, St. Benedict, St. Cecilia, Half Moon Bay Public School, and St. Emily.

The nearest French schools are Michel-Dupuis and Sainte-Kateri. Middle and high schools that are closest include: Kars on the Rideau Public School, St. Mark’s High School, and South Carleton High School.

Each of the four regional school boards have schools within transportation zones for Manotick.

Mom getting kids ready for school. Schools in Manotick near Mahogany.

Extended day programs

Most schools offer a comprehensive extended day program for children of parents who work full time. This is ideal because your child’s care is assured between the time you drop them off on your way to work, and the time you pick them up. Detailed information can be found on the website for the school you select for your child. Be sure to look into this when selecting your school to be certain that scheduling and placement will align with your individual needs.

Each school board servicing Ottawa offers great kindergarten programs. Be sure to check out the school boards’ websites to learn what each school and program has to offer. Schools hold information sessions each spring, and their administrators are helpful in getting you the information and forms needed to get your child registered. Getting the ball rolling as early as possible can help a lot when the big move is looming on the horizon.

For families with preschoolers, Montessori by BrightPath Manotick and Manotick Nursery School are both easily accessible from Mahogany.

Children working on computers. Schools in Manotick near Mahogany.

Changing schools

Moving usually means transferring your child to a new school. If you’re moving within Ottawa, then your child will be able to stay in the same school board. You’ll need to notify the old and new schools of the move so they can help you with any forms needed to make the change and also to facilitate transportation changes as needed.

If you are transferring from another school board, there may be specific criteria to meet when changing from one board to another. Consult both the new and old schools’ websites to find out what to expect so there are no unexpected surprises.

Kids playing outside. Schools in Manotick near Mahogany.

Plan ahead for a smooth transition

Starting early to make the changes necessary for your child’s educational success can take a load off of a stressful move. Taking care of these details now means less stress, and more time to enjoy this transitional time with your family. For information about the schools available near Mahogany, check out the live map below. Click on each tab to view specific details for each school’s location.

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