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you’ll need to do

Most Ottawa builders give their new home buyers some kind of new home care guide either as a booklet or through online resources. Take the time to read it and follow the maintenance tips that are recommended. Your new home will feature new technology and many systems that are important to understand and know how to operate.

Homes today are built to minimize maintenance, but no home is truly maintenance-free. The best way to avoid expensive repairs is by working with your tenant to follow a recommended routine maintenance schedule.

When you take possession

Unless your home is one of the last in a community to be built, there will likely be ongoing construction that may cause some temporary disruption, dust and traffic. Your tenants may also need to be alerted to the fact that sod and tree planting may have not yet taken place, as well as paving your driveway or adding the top layer of asphalt to roads.

Tip: For the first year, hold off on landscaping or adding fences. This is to let the ground settle and to make sure the builder has access to repair grading, etc.

Start investing in real estate

Buying a new investment home is an exciting and challenging journey. It requires planning, careful assessment of options, and working with others who understand the purchase process well to provide support and advice. Approach the process one step at a time and you’ll wind up with a home that will meet your investment goals and ensure happy tenants. Good luck with the journey!

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