Discover the nature of Mahogany

One of the amazing things about Mahogany is how easy it is to get outside to enjoy nature. Not only is the community replete with over 50 acres of green space, but there’s even more to discover and enjoy nearby. If you’re strolling down The Manotick Walk into the village for some shopping or to grab a bite, it’s easy to enjoy the great outdoors.

Beautiful parks and trails within arms’ reach

Three beautiful parks can be found throughout Mahogany: Major W. Ross Chamberlain Park, Mahogany Park, and Lela Scharf Park. Major W. Ross Chamberlain Park boasts a large playground for the kids to burn off some steam, a large gazebo to sit out of the sun, plus a large sports field that’s perfect for soccer, football or field hockey.

If you fancy a stroll, then head to The Manotick Walk which winds its way along Mahogany Creek to the village. Here you’ll find various native plants and trees that have been carefully preserved to maintain the ecosystem around the creek. Children will love the opportunity to explore, and—if they’re quick—catch a frog!

Woman walking over bridge in nature reserve. Discover nature and things to do outside in Manotick near Mahogany.

Enjoy the Rideau River

Mahogany Harbour— just minutes from your door—is the perfect destination for an impromptu picnic with the kids, or just you and your partner. It’s a fine spot to dip your toes in the cool water while enjoying the natural ecosystem that the Rideau River has to offer. If you enjoy water sports, then consider taking a canoe or kayak along for a relaxing paddle from the harbour docks.

Further into the village you’ll find Watson’s Mill and dam— Manotick’s most popular attractions. You’ll see plenty of birds and other wildlife there, and if you’re lucky (or skilled enough), you may even catch one of the many species of fish that cruise by including bass, pike or muskellunge. Don’t forget your fishing tackle and licence!

View of the Rideau River. Discover nature and things to do outside in Manotick near Mahogany.

Experience nature through conservation and education

Living in Mahogany means you’re just 7 minutes by car to the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA), at Beryl Gaffney Park, at Rideau Valley Drive and Prince of Wales Drive. A visit to the RVCA is a great way to learn about the Rideau Valley Watershed and their efforts to maintain and preserve the river and habitat for future generations.

Chapman Mills Conservation Area can be found just two more minutes North on Prince of Wales Drive. There is plenty to discover here while strolling along their network of paths and boardwalks. Interpretive signs educate about the flora and fauna of the area, as well as the Authority’s efforts for fish habitat creation to revitalize the river ecosystem.

Two painted turtles. Discover nature and things to do outside in Manotick near Mahogany.

Whether you enjoy a walk through the community, time on the river, or an adventure to discover conservation efforts further out, Mahogany’s proximity to nature makes it the perfect place to call home. This is just one of the many reasons to choose Mahogany, in Manotick.

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