Mahogany: Protecting and Nurturing the Natural Environment

Minto Mahogany has been designed and built around many natural features that we are committed to sustaining for years to come.

This healthy, natural community design will see families on nature walks steps from their homes, children playing in mature tree-lined avenues and the sights and sounds of Canada's countryside in peaceful co-existence.

Mahogany Creek

Mahogany Creek meanders through the community and joins the Rideau River at Mahogany Bay. Vegetation around the creek was planted to restore and improve aquatic health and creek system.

Landscape Buffer

This four metre wide buffer acts to protect the root systems of existing trees. This buffer, in combination with additional low planting, adds privacy for homeowners, while protecting natural habitats.

Mahogany Pond

The pond, and the parkland area surrounding it, has been preserved in its natural state to further protect the continued health of the pond. This parkland area is a great place to enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature while observing the wildlife that Mahogany is host to.

Indigenous species

Indigenous species of mature trees were maintained and incorporated as features in Mahogany green spaces and parks. In the community you'll notice a large Bur Oak, estimated to be more than a hundred years old. Black Walnut trees were also saved, as well as many transplanted conifers - adding shade, habitat and character to our community.

Farmer's Hedgerow

A historic stand of White Spruce, White Cedar and Red Pine along Bridgeport Avenue provides a natural habitat for birds and other wildlife, while also acting to prevent soil erosion.

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Schools in Mahogany

Selecting the right school for your child is an important decision, and there are a number of great school options available to residents of Mahogany.


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