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Get to know the businesses in Almonte: your one-stop-shop community

There’s a certain allure to Almonte. A fairytale-like charm, with soothing sounds of the Mississippi River and quaint streets lined with historic buildings. But what really sticks out are the local businesses and the friendly entrepreneurs. Truly, Almonte gives Ottawa’s downtown a run for its money. This town has a little bit of everything. From cozy cafés serving artisanal coffee to vintage boutiques brimming with treasures—plus a distillery that makes vodka from dairy! So, let’s get to know some of the eclectic shops in town. (Because a new Minto community is coming to Almonte this year.)

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Eats, treats and sips

Café Postino: Located downtown in a vintage post office, Café Postino serves up authentic Italian cuisine and a distinctive ambience. The owners, Steve and Claire, bring years of culinary expertise from previous ventures in Ottawa and Miami to create a dining experience reflective of their love for community. Enjoy select family recipes prepared fresh in-house. View the menu.

Mill Street Crepe Company: Conveniently located on Mill Street, the main strip in Almonte, Mill Street Crepe Company specializes in both sweet and savoury crepes. There’s something for everyone, from classics like ham and cheese or fresh fruit and syrup to yummy creations like candied walnut and banana. With its cozy interior and friendly staff, Mill Street Crepe Company is welcoming and delicious. View the menu.

The Barley Mow: Nestled in one of the historic mills along the Mississippi River, The Barley Mow captures the essence of Almonte. This beloved pub and restaurant offers craft pints and comfort bites, with live entertainment and vibrant atmosphere. From the original exposed stone and wood beams on the inside to the patio overlooking the waterfalls on the outside, it’s no surprise The Barley Mow is a local favourite. View the menu.

Hummingbird Chocolate: Next to Home Hardware on Ottawa Street, Hummingbird Chocolate is a small-batch chocolate maker known for its sweet creations. Owners, Drew and Erica, focus on quality and flavour, using ethically-sourced cacao beans and making each piece of chocolate by hand. Whether you prefer rich and indulgent dark chocolate or creamy and decadent milk chocolate, one bite is never enough. View the shop.

Equator Coffee Roasters: Situated on Ottawa Street, Equator Coffee Roasters is a cornerstone of the Almonte community. This cozy café and roastery is the perfect place for a cuppa, with its friendly vibe and even friendlier people. Equator Coffee Roasters offers a selection of single-origin and blended coffees made with beans sourced from sustainable farms. View the brews.

Explore the Town of Almonte’s website to learn more about the places to eat and drink, including the one-of-a-kind Dairy Distillery—makers of Vodkow cream liqueurs.

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Stitches, vintages and galleries

Tin Barn Market: Cozied up in front of the Dr. James Naismith statue on Little Bridge Street, The Tin Barn Market is a boutique offering vintage finds, home décor and accessories, jewellery and more. You’ll find a mix of style and story with each item. Where every find helps you express your unique personality, both rustic and glamorous. View the shop.

That’s the Spirit: Located at the bottom of Mill Street, That’s the Spirit is a specialty shop with candles, bath and body products, jewellery and greeting cards. You’ll find the work of local artisans and makers, with a selection of handmade items only found in Almonte. It’s eclectic and embodies the spirit of Almonte’s crafted culture. View the Facebook page.

Textile Traditions: Placed in the heart of downtown next to Pêches et Poivre, Textile Traditions honours Almonte’s past. This town staple caters to textile enthusiasts, offering fabrics, yarns and sewing supplies for quilting, garment making and home décor projects. It’s a place to share ideas and celebrate your passion for fibre arts. View the Facebook page.

Sivarulrasa Gallery: Positioned along Almonte's historic main street, Sivarulrasa Gallery is a contemporary art hub founded by gallerist Sanjeev Sivarulrasa. The gallery represents emerging and established Canadian artists and is recognized across Eastern Ontario. Includes three exhibition spaces and hosts intimate cultural events. View the gallery.

Almonte Antiques & Collectibles: Housed in a two-level heritage building on Mill Street, Almonte Antiques & Collectibles is a multi-vendor market for vintage finds and memorabilia. It’s home to more than 50 vendor booths offering a curated selection of antique furniture, décor, glassware and collectables spanning various eras and styles. View the Facebook page.

From antiques to art to getting crafty and making it yourself. Discover Almonte’s shops, galleries and new-to-you stores on the town’s website.

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Titles and everything else

Mill Street Books: Located on Mill Street next to Nomad Fashions, Mill Street Books is all about books, games and stationary. Stocked with the latest titles and must reads, puzzles and stickers, journals and book bags. With a small, dedicated team eager to help you find your next favourite book. (And it was recently awarded Ottawa's Best Bookstore!) View the books.

L.G. Lee & Sons: Next to Sivarulrasa Gallery is the eclectic little shop of L.G. Lee & Sons. It’s more than a traditional hardware store, stocked with new and unique items you don’t typically find in other divisions of Lee Valley Tools. Explore a range of items for the home and garden, along with gadgets and gear for the workshop. View the shop.

180 Forge Works: Just outside of town, 180 Forge Works is owned by long-time resident and blacksmith Randy Gill. Whether it’s hand-wrought works of iron, architectural pieces or whimsical art, there’s nothing else like a custom forged item from Randy’s smithy. If you’re looking for something that lasts generations, this is the place. View the smithy.

Looking for a good read? Or just searching for this, that and the other thing? Almonte’s website is the place to start.

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Grand Opening coming this year: Weavers Way, Almonte

Want to take advantage of Almonte’s shops, cafés and artisanal craft on the daily? A brand new Minto community is coming to the town this year. Located a brisk 15-minute walk from Mill Street. Stay tuned for new homes coming soon, offering attainable living with Single Family Homes and Townhomes at great prices. Don’t miss updates, including upcoming events, the site plan, and grand opening info.

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