Schools near Riversbend at Harmony

Riversbend at Harmony has a wide range of options throughout Barrhaven for each of the four regional school boards. Ample choices are available nearby to suit your needs, plus future plans exist to build new schools within the community.

Finding the right school.

There is a lot of information to consider when selecting the right school for your child. Each of the four school boards has everything you need to know to make your decision, including detailed information for each school near your new home. Here are the links to each board’s website to help you get started.

Two girls walking to school. Finding the right school in Barrhaven.

Many schools in the area offer extended day programs for children with working parents. It’s a convenient way to ensure your child is well looked after while you are at work. You can just drop your child off at their school before your morning commute, then pick them up again on your way home. Detailed information about these programs is available on the website for your school of choice.

Is your child entering kindergarten?

Starting kindergarten for the first time can be a big adjustment for your child and you. That’s why school boards begin the information sessions for programs each spring. This allows you to start preparing months before the start of the next school year to pick a school and register your child. Make sure to check the information available from each school board to decide what’s best for your child.

Transferring schools.

Chances are, when you move to a new neighbourhood, you’ll need to transfer your child to a new school. If they are staying within the same school board, be sure to contact the school administrators to find out what is involved — they can help you look at options. Depending on how far you are moving, your child may even be able to complete their school year at the old school. Just make sure that adequate transportation arrangements are possible due to zone restrictions for each school.

If you are transferring from another school board, be aware that there may be specific criteria to meet when changing from one board to another. In this case, consult both the new and old schools to find out what changes and requirements to expect.

Save the stress and start now.

Moving can be stressful enough as it stands. By getting a head start on working to ensure your child will be settled into a new school can help relieve a lot of anxiety, so take a look at the many schools in the area, some within walking distance of Riversbend. Schools in the area include:

  • Berrigan Elementary School
  • Chapman Mills Public School
  • Half Moon Bay Public School
  • St. Kateri Catholic Elementary School
  • St. Joseph's Catholic High School
  • École secondaire publique Pierre-de-Bois

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