Introducing Anthem's Metro Towns

Looking for a home that caters to your active urban lifestyle while promoting health and wellness? Look no further than Anthem's attainable new Metro Towns, thoughtfully designed to elevate your day-to-day experience and fulfill Minto Communities' commitment to sustainability, technology and mindful living.

Metro Town interior Union Kitchen

Dream Living Space

With spacious and design-forward interiors, Metro Towns floorplans offer more square footage than traditional condos. An open-plan living/dining/kitchen area on one floor provides space for relaxing and entertaining, with two bedrooms on the floor above. Some models give you the flexibility of an ensuite with the primary bedroom, and all models enable you to choose a tub or shower for the main bathroom. Townhomes at grade offer spacious patios for relaxing outdoors or hosting gatherings.

Whether it's your first home away from home, an upgrade on a smaller living space or a desire for more flexibility, you'll find one of these versatile 2-3 bedroom floorplans to be perfect for your stage in life. Metro Towns' thoughtful design gives you the freedom to ensure your home meets your needs precisely, making it a place where comfort, functionality and your personal touch come together.

Woman reading by window

The Beauty of Sustainability 

Anthem's Metro Towns are built to Minto Communities' award-winning sustainability and quality standards, ensuring your home is environmentally conscious. Sustainable features not only reduce energy waste but also lead to quieter and more comfortable living while saving on heating and cooling costs.

Living space in the Union Metro Town

Big Home, Small Environmental Footprint  

In the pursuit of healthier living, Metro Towns come equipped with air purification solutions and sensor technology that remove harmful pollutants, ensuring fresher and cleaner air for you and your loved ones. Furthermore, these homes have one of the highest efficiency combination heating systems, eliminating the need for a gas furnace and significantly reducing carbon emissions. LED lighting fixtures throughout further energy efficiency and help lower your hydro costs!

Exterior rendering of Metro Towns

The Smart Choice 

Metro Towns take smart living to the next level with their cutting-edge home automation features. The Ecobee Premium Thermostat allows you to remotely control heating, cooling and humidity levels, helping you save up to 26% on energy costs. Meanwhile, complimentary temperature sensors let you maintain your desired temperature in specific rooms, ensuring maximum comfort. The added convenience of a Video Doorbell enhances security, and home performance monitoring keeps you informed about any HVAC issues.

Anthem's Metro Towns offer a unique and exciting opportunity for homeowners seeking an attainable and design-forward option in a vibrant new community. Enjoy the benefits of a smarter and more environmentally conscious home, low-maintenance living and thoughtfully designed interiors when you embrace the best of urban living with Anthem's Metro Towns!

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