The Past 5 Years of Minto Dream Homes

Side by side, visualizing the five most recent Minto Dream Homes gives an overview of interior design trends that set the stage for the last half-decade. While some things stay the same — almost every kitchen has been built with an island countertop — each home has always offered something unique. We’ve had homes with elaborate staircases and big open landings that overlook the lower storey. Even further back, some Minto Dream Homes featured a wine cellar!

In our time sponsoring the Dream of a Lifetime Lottery, we’ve worked with an incredible team of dedicated designers, architects, trade partners, and suppliers and it’s had a tremendous influence on how each Minto Dream Home is built, decorated, and styled. In 2019, we welcomed back Tanya Collins Design for the award-winning Hampton, and we’re thrilled to announce her return for this year’s home, the Bohemian.

Our passion for innovative research and development influenced our decision to make last year’s Minto Dream Home, the Hampton, a Net Zero Energy home. Using sophisticated insulation, heating, and cooling with the help of solar panels on the roof, the Hampton produces as much energy as it consumes. Relying less on external energy sources and fossil fuels to power and heat a Net Zero home means a marked reduction in greenhouse gasses. A little goes a long way in the fight to combat climate change.

What is a Net Zero Home?

The 2019 Minto Dream Home for CHEO with solar panels on the roof

A lot has changed in the design of the Minto Dream Home each year — and we're not just talking about paint and our kitchen countertops! — but regardless of trends, some things have remained constant. Above all, our goal is to create something special and exciting; something that makes people say — “Wow! I want that!” — that encourages them to buy lottery tickets in support of the CHEO Foundation.

This goal challenges us to focus on innovation, and create truly noteworthy features in each Minto Dream Home. Here are a few of our most memorable statement pieces from recent years:

  • 2014 Ironwood - Home theatre
  • 2015 Cedar: Artificial skateable ice rink
  • 2015 Cedar: Outdoor sauna
  • 2016 Okanagan: Climbing wall in kids playroom
  • 2017 Red Maple: Banquette kitchen
  • 2018 Creekside: Roller rink
  • 2018 Creekside: In-law suite green-tiled bathroom
  • 2018 Creekside: Jurassic fireplace

Throughout the evolution of the design of the Minto Dream Home, the spirit of the project has remained the same: supporting and inspiring our community through innovation and design. It’s taught us a lot about building better homes, and we’re honoured to carry this privilege every year.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Minto Dream Home isn’t available for in-person tours, but a brand new virtual tour is coming soon. Experience 20 years of dreams, and learn more about the Bohemian in Mahogany, Manotick by signing up for updates to stay informed.

Buy tickets for the CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Lottery for your chance to win this year's Minto Dream Home and so many other wonderful prizes. We’re so fortunate to have such a fantastic children’s hospital here in Ottawa, and with the lottery being CHEO’s sole fundraiser in 2020, your ticket purchases mean more than ever to the organization.

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