How to Buy a New Home

How to Buy a New Home

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Need to Know: Move-in-Soon and Move-in-Ready Homes

While some people love being able to choose every aspect of their home, others can find the process overwhelming, which is when a Move-in-Soon or Move-in-Ready home can be an attractive option. These homes take the waiting out the equation, allowing you and your family to settle into your new community within months of finalizing your purchase.

What are Move-in-Soon homes?

There are two types of homes that fall into the “Move-in-Soon,” or quick occupancy category/quick possession, category. The first is homes where the framing selections have been finalized (things like pot light locations, electrical work, staircase options and ceiling height). Potential purchasers can still select the finishes throughout the home, including the type of hardwood flooring, countertops, backsplash tile and more to make the space their own, but the pre-selected framing options make the move-in date much sooner than a standard new build. “Move-in-Soon” also refers to homes that have the framing and finishing options selected, which means potential purchasers will have an occupancy date in the very near future.

What are Move-in-Ready homes?

Move-in-Ready homes are very similar to Move-in-Soon homes, but the occupancy date on them is much quicker. Move-in-Ready homes are fully completed and are available to be physically toured before you move in so you can get a better idea of the finishes and framing selections that have been made. Move-in-Ready homes are the best option for people looking to move as soon as possible.

Astoria Kitchen Move-In-Soon

What are the benefits of a Move-in-Soon or Move-in-Ready home?

A major benefit of purchasing a Move-in-Soon home is the quick occupancy date. Typically, buying a new-build home can take anywhere from 16 to 18 months before it’s ready to be lived in. However, a Move-in-Soon home expedites the process, allowing you to be in your new home within a few months.

Select Move-in-Soon Homes also have upgraded features and finishes chosen by our expert design staff. Features can include quartz countertops, pot lights, hardwood flooring and other upgrades available through our Design Centre. Not only do these upgrades add value to your home, but they also create an even more beautiful space to create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Brighton Living Room Move-In-Soon

If the Move-in-Soon home you’re purchasing is still in the framing stage, you may be eligible for Design Centre bonuses to personalize some elements of your new home, such as flooring, cabinetry, hardware, feature walls, fireplace stone and much more. Depending on the construction status of your home, there may also be occupancy bonuses available to you, which takes cash off the overall price. Some Move-in-Ready homes also come with additional features like light fixtures and blinds, but be sure to speak with your Sales Representative to know what will be included if you purchase the home.

Move-in-Soon and Move-in-Ready homes are available in most of our communities across Ottawa. They become available to purchase once a community is complete – or almost complete – meaning you’ll have the chance to live in a quieter community with little-to-no construction in the neighbourhood.

Waverley Bedroom Move-In-Soon

Is there a warranty on Move-in-Soon Homes?

Move-in-Soon Homes are still covered under the Minto Warranty. The warranty is backed by Tarion, who administers the New Home Warranty Act and governs home builders in Ontario. There are three phases to your new home warranty – 1-year, 2-year and 7-year coverage – that all start on the day you take possession of the house. Minto is responsible for any warrantable repairs during these timeframes, protecting you and your investment.

Stanley Kitchen Move-In-Soon

Move-in-Soon Homes are an ideal option for people looking for a new-build home but want a quick occupancy, or those who find the process of choosing all their features and finishes overwhelming but still want a stylish and upgraded home. Check out all the available Move-in-Soon homes on our website to see where you and your family can call home!

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