Activities you can enjoy at home in Kanata

Spending time at home can be great, and it’s always fun to find new ways to pass the time! While your television and computer may have done the trick before, many families are looking for exciting at-home activities they can do together. Here are some ways you can spend time at home while trying something new.

Father and daughter baking

Art Haven Ceramic Painting

Take your arts and crafts activities to the next level with a “party to go” kit from Art Haven, a pottery and canvas crafting bar. You can order paint kits and ceramic pieces to create a masterpiece at home, and if you want a little additional help you can also have one of their creative assistants lead the event. It’s a fun way to keep your hands busy while letting your creativity run wild.

Ceramic painting

DIY Pizza Kits from Fratelli

Ordering pizza is one thing, but creating your own pizza? Even better. Fratelli, located at the Kanata Signature Centre, offers DIY pizza kits complete with dough, sauce, and cheese, with some kits also including pepperoni, prosciutto, and arugula. It all depends on what you like! Your kit comes with the instructions you’ll need to make sure your pizza comes out beautifully. 

DIY pizza making

The Cupcake Lounge

Everyone loves a sweet treat! The Cupcake Lounge offers cookie decorating kits, which come with one dozen sugar cookies, piping bags, frosting and sprinkles. You can pick up the kits on Richmond Road, or they’ll deliver them right to your door.  

Mother and daughter baking cookies

Scavenger Hunt Around the House

Let your imagination thrive with an at-home scavenger hunt. Parents can make a list, or everyone can make one together, of unique or funny things to find around the house. Don’t settle for something as simple as “find something blue.” Make things fun with “find something you could use as a pillow” or “find three items that look like they come from a magical world.” The possibilities are endless, and it makes you look at things a little differently. 

Kids running inside

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