Tips from the Designer

The way your home is decorated will have a major impact on the overall feeling of the space, leading to better, more comfortable living. With an open-concept home, you will want to maximize the space in each area to make the most of your main floor.

A reflection in every room

You would be amazed at how effective a mirror can be at opening up a room. With the power of optical illusion, mirrors can make even the smallest rooms feel far more spacious than they really are. If you place them adjacent to windows, incoming light will reflect off of them and make the room bright and radiant. Paint walls in lighter shades to add to the airy feel — avoid anything too dark, which can close in the space quickly.

Spread it out

For some reason, there’s this notion that living room furniture has to be placed against your wall. Give your sofas and chairs some breathing room and let them float within the space. The room will instantly feel much larger. This works especially well for open concept living. Use sofas as backings for low tables or cabinets, adding extra storage without taking up wall space.

Fold it up

Make the most of your dining space with compact furniture options. Tables with drop leaves are great for when you need the extra space (and even better when you don’t) to keep the room feeling spacious. Get even more out of your square footage by using a bench on one side of your dining table that can easily slide underneath when not in use.

The bed makes the bedroom

Believe it or not, understated and minimalist-style furniture, especially beds, can often end up making rooms seem smaller. Consider a bulkier, high bed with a tall headboard for a stately, lived-in look. For extra storage, look for beds with built in drawers, or that are high enough to place under-bed storage boxes.

There are plenty of fun design trends you can use to elevate your space to the next level. Here are a few tips to bring some glam into your home.

All about the bling

Create that sense of high drama by adorning your space with some serious bling: think crystal chandeliers, mirrored picture frames, and sparkly accents when deciding on your decor.

Luxurious fabrics are the cornerstone of any glam design, and can be used for everything: curtains, pillows, bedding, and upholstery. Visit your local fabric store to pick up some materials if you’re feeling handy, to create some easy pillow covers or curtains. Online tutorials can guide you in creating custom glammed out accessories for your home, at a more affordable price.

Vintage-inspired pieces will always be fabulous additions to any home. Create some drama by adding a 1930’s gold-leaf mirror above your dressing table, or find a comfortable, yet stately wingback chair for the den.

Colour palette

Add an instant punch to any room with a bold colour palette. Choose a statement colour for one wall and let your decor enhance the room. For a more subtle effect, alternating between gloss and matte finishes can add drama to a room while staying in the same colour palette.

Sleek metallics

Metallic elements can pack a powerful punch in any room and can be applied to just about anything. Breathe new life into an outdated piece of furniture with metallic paint, or install some industrial-inspired hardware around the house for a bold, reclaimed look.

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