Resilient, Sustainable, Holistic: The 2022 Minto Dream Home

This year’s Minto Dream Home for CHEO is resilient and efficient, reducing its carbon footprint with a holistic approach to sustainability and wellness. From energy consumption and construction materials to indoor air quality, water usage and more, Le Rêve is built for better – better for you and better for the planet.

Sustainability and wellness extends beyond the walls of Le Rêve, as well, with a direct connection to nature awaiting outside. The home’s premium lot in Arcadia, Kanata is lined by protected green space and backed by Paine Pond, offering more tranquility with fewer neighbours. And with Le Rêve’s large wraparound porch, private guest suite patio and spacious backyard featuring two decks, it’s easy to make the most of the outdoors – especially while relaxing in the hot tub! Plus, the community offers parks, multi-use pathways and easy access to all the conveniences of Kanata.

Le Rêve is open from September 12–December 16! Don’t miss your chance to experience Paris in Kanata. Please note that masks are mandatory to tour. 

The 2022 Minto Dream Home is built in support of the CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Lottery. It’s a beacon for a brighter future, featuring a dream-worthy design, superior building materials and innovative technology inside and out. All aimed to enhance your family’s well-being and future-proof the home. Here’s a closer look at the unique sustainability and wellness features inside Le Rêve. 

See how we bring holistic sustainability and wellness into Le Rêve, the home with heart AND a brain

Eastern Ontario’s first Breathe Well home

Indoor air is often five-times dirtier than outdoor air. And about 90% of our time is spent indoors – the majority of which is inside our own homes. So we partnered with Panasonic Canada to help you take cleaner, fresher breaths in Le Rêve. Discover a healthier home with Breathe Well, The Only Complete Air Quality Solution™. Featuring advanced technology designed to improve your quality of life, including:

  • Intelli-Balance™ Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV), circulating fresh air inside the home while cycling out stale, damp and stuffy air 
  • WhisperAir Repair™ with nanoe X™ purification technology, eliminating pollutants and removing unwanted odors to cleanse the air 
  • Smart Swidget plugs and switches, monitoring indoor air quality, humidity levels and relative humidity with programmable devices

Le Rêve is a home where you wake up feeling energized. Where you live and breathe confidently knowing your well-being is taken care of. Where you have peace of mind with energy-efficient, maintenance-free technology purifying the air 24-hours a day. Where you’re protected from bacteria and viruses, hazardous substances, mould, pollen and allergens – the cleaner air even moisturizes your skin and hair! 

Kitchen of Le Rêve | 2022 Minto Dream Home

Image: Kitchen of Le Rêve 2022 Minto Dream Home for the CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Lottery

Collecting, storing and using energy responsibly

Le Rêve is eco-friendly and built to protect your family from the unexpected. Panasonic Canada’s EverVolt™ solar panels and storage system offer a resilient energy solution, giving you control over how you collect, store and consume solar power.

Solar panels installed on the rear side of the roof soak up the sun during the day, with the sleek design complementing the home’s Modern Prairie exterior design. The battery safely stores the energy onsite, while the inverter transforms the solar power into usable energy. All that while an app tracks energy consumption and costs, helping you choose when to draw from the grid or from the battery. The system is more efficient than a typical generator, also, backing up the home with a reliable, clean energy source. 

  • Stay prepared and independent, choosing to use the power you generate how you want and when you want
  • Dodge sudden rate increases and policy changes, while avoiding high energy costs during peak periods  
  • Run key appliances longer during an emergency, safeguarding your from power outages and inclimate weather 

Le Rêve is built with the future in mind – from superior air quality and cleaner energy to a responsible, low-impact home.

Dining Room of Le Rêve | 2022 Minto Dream Home

Image: Dining Room of Le Rêve 2022 Minto Dream Home for the CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Lottery

Saving water the smart way

Le Rêve features Greyter Home™ technology from Greyter® Water Systems. This one-of-a-kind waste water recovery system lowers the home’s carbon footprint by maximizing water consumption, using 25% less annually.

Clean drinking water is often wasted in a standard home, with 20–25% used in the toilets in every bathroom. In Le Rêve, the Greyter® Water System collects water from the showers and bathtubs and reuses it in the toilets. And as a Certified NSI/ANSI Standard 350, the system meets strict requirements for the reduction of chemical and microbiological contaminants for non-potable water use. No smells, no discolouring – just a smarter way to use your water.

Ensuite of Le Rêve | 2022 Minto Dream Home

Image: Ensuite Bathroom of Le Rêve 2022 Minto Dream Home for the CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Lottery

Building homes the friendly way

From new homes across Ottawa to the Minto Dream Home for CHEO, sustainability is at the core of every home we build. Greener building practices and superior materials help reduce Le Rêve’s impact on the environment. For example, all the windows feature a low solar heat gain rating to help save energy and offer year-round comfort throughout the home.

R-5 XP Insul-Sheathing from Building Products of Canada Corp. is used in the home’s structural walls, contributing to better indoor air quality and creating more comfortable living spaces. The premium-quality insulation panels are made from recycled content and are resistant to water, mould, pests and flame. ROCKWOOL, the world’s leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation, is used in the wall cavities as a high-performing alternative to traditional, less-efficient insulation options. 

Combine these progressive building materials with Le Rêve’s innovative technology, and discover a home that’s 35% more efficient than a home built to the current Ontario Building Code.

Backyard of Le Rêve | 2022 Minto Dream Home

Image: Exterior of Le Rêve 2022 Minto Dream Home for the CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Lottery

Experience the home with heart

Le Rêve is sophisticated and chic, modern and comfortable. Featuring the best tech and building materials to create a better place to live, work and play in. It’s a symbol of hope – for the community, for the families who rely on the services provided by CHEO. And it’s a dream come true for the lucky grand prize winner of the 2022 Dream of a Lifetime Lottery. It’s sustainable, resilient and holistic, built to reduce its environmental impact and enhance your life.

Le Rêve is the home with heart, supporting children at CHEO and designed to inspire. Become part of the dream, purchase your tickets for the lottery before they sell out. To experience Le Rêve in person, the home is open from September 12–December 16 – don’t miss out!

Interested in how your new home can be like Le Rêve? Ask about the new Elevation D coming soon for the Quinton with Guest Suite and the Rosewood with Guest Suite designs.

And stay tuned for Panasonic Canada’s Breathe Well products in future homes by Minto Communities Ottawa. Become an email subscriber to receive updates about new developments and new homes in Ottawa – plus important information about the Minto Dream Home for CHEO

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