How to Buy a New Home

How to Buy a New Home

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Need to Know: Townhomes

A Townhome is a Townhome, right? Not quite! While the idea of a Townhome is consistent across the board, there are three different types of Townhomes available for you to purchase your home with Minto Communities. Urban Townhomes, Avenue Townhomes and Executive Townhomes all have impressive square footage, never leaving you yearning for space. However, each type of home has its own unique features that can help decide which one is best for you. 

Urban Townhomes

What is an Urban Townhome?

Urban Townhomes are fully equipped with the features and fixtures of a Single Family Home. Enjoy a double-car garage at the rear of your home for easier and safer access on busy streets as well as better pedestrian access to the front sidewalk. Urban Townhomes are typically freehold – without maintenance fees – except on the rare occasion of being located on a private road. Urban Townhomes are three storeys, with a foyer, family room and garage access on the main floor. The second floor features the living room, dining room, powder room and eat-in kitchen, as well as a balcony that spans the width of the home. Up on the third floor you’ll find all three bedrooms, giving you quiet and privacy when it’s time to sleep.

Avenue Townhomes

What is an Avenue Townhome?

Avenue Townhomes, like Urban Townhomes, have three storeys for your family to spread out and enjoy their own space! They’re also freehold, with no maintenance fees except in the rare situation where the home is on a private street. Designed with a garage, generous windows and open living spaces to suit your lifestyle, Avenue Townhomes are ideal options for first-time homebuyers, new families, and investors. These homes come in 2-and 3-bedroom designs featuring 9’ ceilings on the second floor, a large exterior balcony and a walk-in closet in the primary bedroom.

Minto Communities also released new Avenue Townhomes which feature even more square footage than before. The main floor features clean 9’ ceilings on the main floor with larger exterior windows for even more natural light. Avenue Townhomes are perfect for families looking for a low-maintenance home, with no basement or backyard to manage.

Executive Townhomes

What is an Executive Townhome?

Executive Townhomes provide your family with a lot of space, with three- and four-bedroom options meticulously designed to suit your lifestyle. These two-storey freehold homes have open, flowing living spaces, nine-foot ceilings, front and backyards and large finished basements to give your family room to work and play. As the largest Townhome option available to you, and the only Minto Communities Townhome with a basement, Executive Townhomes are perfect for growing families in need of space for kids (and pets) to play)! 

Townhome Rendering

What’s the difference between end units, interior units, and corner units?

End units are just as they sound, at the end of a row of homes. Living in an end unit means you only share a wall on one side, which some people find preferable. End units tend to include additional windows on the wall that isn’t attached, allowing for more natural light to help you live better. Only certain models can be built as end units, but you’ll always know what’s available because they’re labelled as such, like the Tahoe End. Interior units are the homes in between each end unit, meaning you’ll have two shared side walls with your neighbours. End units and interior units are available for Urban, Avenue and Executive Townhomes.

Corner units are similar to end units in that they’re at the end of the row, but they have the added bonus of being on a corner lot and also have the main entrance on the side of the home, which adds to the home’s curb appeal – not to mention the spacious front porch! They also have additional windows for plenty of natural light and an added side-yard space for families to enjoy. Corner units are labelled as such when you’re browsing through models on our website, such as the Talbot Corner.

Townhome Kitchen

What are Flex Plan options?

While all of our Townhomes are meticulously designed to fit your lifestyle, we know there are times when your situation calls for something a little different. Our Townhomes come with available Flex Plan possibilities, which give you the option to change the layout of your kitchen, reconfigure the space to include an additional bedroom, finish your basement (if applicable) and more! If the home you're looking at has any available Flex Plan options, you’ll find them included in the floorplan.

Townhome Community

Can I pick my home’s exterior?

Minto Communities homes have specific architectural guidelines, which combine a selection of high-quality and low-maintenance exterior finishes to avoid repetition in both colour and design. Homeowners can choose the elevation of Single family Homes, however Minto Communities pre-selects the exterior for all Townhomes to create diverse and interesting streetscapes within our communities.

Townhome Basement

Helping you along the way

Buying any home – whether it’s an Urban, Avenue or Executive Townhome – can be an overwhelming process, especially if it’s your first time. Our resources section has everything you’ll need to go through your home buying journey, like in-depth step-by-step guides on how to buy a new house, answers to frequently asked questions, and so much more. 

Our Sales Team is always available to answer questions you have about the types of homes available to you, or the process as a whole! Get in touch with a Sales Centre to start finding your new home. 

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