Meet the Designers of the Equestrian

Minto Communities Ottawa, alongside Product Development Manager Karen van der Velden and Tanya Collins Design, unite for the sixth consecutive year to support the CHEO Foundation. Joining hands once again to craft the grand prize for the Dream of a Lifetime Lottery – the Minto Dream Home.

This year’s home, the Equestrian, is a beacon of hope. A design to inspire the community and contribute to a meaningful cause. It’s exciting, rewarding and challenging at the same time. And it takes a team effort with a number of different partners and sponsors banding together.

Designers of 2023 Minto Dream Home

The Minto Dream Home is an opportunity to experiment with fresh design ideas and innovative technology. Take this year’s theme: what Tanya calls “modern equestrian design.” It’s a blend of timeless elegance and fashionable design, a mix of strong and sophisticated, classic and comfortable. At 4,383 square feet, this year’s home is as functional as it is stylish, offering a large open-concept floorplan with four bedrooms and a private den – perfect for multi-generational living and working from home.

The Equestrian is a reflection of what the Dream of a Lifetime Lottery represents – compassion and togetherness. It’s where the heart is. Here’s what the designers had to say about their inspiration.

Exterior of 2023 Minto Dream Home

Playing with arts and crafts

The Equestrian’s exterior is reminiscent of Arts & Crafts design. Crisp roof lines, both gable and pitched, mixed with dark siding and stone accents. It’s a step away from the light and bright aesthetics of past designs, yet it mirrors British equestrian culture. It’s a timeless look, exuding a sense of refinement.

The oversized cul-de-sac lot is perfect for the Equestrian, backing onto protected green space and offering outdoor living at its best. Karen and the Minto Communities’ design team took full advantage, incorporating large windows to maximize the views outside and create naturally-lit spaces inside. She also utilized the home’s immediate connection to nature, adding a three-season patio off the main floor and a sunset deck off the primary bedroom on the second floor.

Karen’s intent was to conjure images of classic English countryside homes as you approach the Equestrian. To evoke a sense of familiarity and feel welcomed before even stepping foot inside. She wants you to be wowed by the modern elements, too. To draw parallels between the luxurious and rugged aspects of the equestrian lifestyle. And she wants you to feel inspired. To imagine your life at home in the Equestrian and to support the CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Lottery.

Reining in modern equestrian design

Like the exterior of the home, the Equestrian’s interior design is a departure from the usual theme. Tanya Collins stated, "...we wanted to do a complete 180 and do something a little moodier, a little more masculine."

Tanya aimed to create a design in contrast with the usual trends to appeal to a broader audience. Stronger, more robust colours influenced her choice of dark greens, dark navies and caramel tones, while the interior embraces equestrian fashion. Think haberdashery menswear: suiting fabrics and leathers, tweeds and plaids – high fashion without being overstated. The design introduces a refreshing variation of British riding culture to add depth and personality to the home. It’s visually captivating and unique from previous Minto Dream Homes.

The interior comes together by collaborating with various vendors and aligning décor choices with finishes. Tanya works closely with Karen the Minto Design Team, adjusting floorplans and integrating functional elements that cater to both aesthetics and practicality. According to Tanya, it’s a process of maintaining a cohesive look and flow while embracing a distinct theme. She admits it can be a challenge to keep everything fresh, making the home feel different and revolutionary from year-over-year. But it’s always worth it in the end: when it all comes together and the dream becomes reality.

Being part of the Minto Dream Home is special for Tanya and Karen and everybody involved in the project. Many have relied on the care CHEO provides at one time or another. This is a chance to give back to the organization supporting our children's well-being – it’s an opportunity to positively impact lives and make a difference within our community.

Family In Mahogany, Manotick

Do more than dream in Mahogany, Manotick

The 2023 Minto Dream Home for CHEO returns to Mahogany, Manotick, just steps from Manotick Village. It’s the perfect community for the Equestrian: charming and elegant, convenient and chock full of amenities. From picturesque streetscapes and multi-use pathways to parks, a community pond and everything you need to maximize your well-being.

All of which resonates with the Minto Dream Home, a resilient home with a holistic approach to wellness and sustainability. The home combines greener building practices and materials with innovative technology to enhance your home comfort and reduce your carbon footprint. Tanya and the entire team at Minto agree, the Equestrian is designed for a brighter future. For your family and the planet, for children and youth at CHEO.

The 2023 Minto Dream Home is now closed. Stay tuned for the next CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Lottery.

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