Equestrian elegance: behind the design of the 2023 Minto Dream Home

The Minto Dream Home for CHEO returns to Mahogany, Manotick. Bringing timeless design to one of the most charming communities in all of Ottawa. This year’s home is a bold departure from previous Minto Dream Homes, ushering in a moody and sophisticated atmosphere influenced by modern equestrian aesthetics.

Step inside the Equestrian, designed by Minto Communities’ product development team in collaboration with Tanya Collins Design. Inspired by upscale British riding culture, the home is a blend of classic and modern, strong and elegant. It’s fashionable without being overstated, reminiscent of a picturesque English countryside home. It’s familiar and inviting, with an undeniable ‘wow!’ factor.

Here’s a look behind the design of the 2023 Minto Dream Home.

Dream tour of the Equestrian - 2023 Minto Dream Home Grand Prize for the CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Lottery

Embracing change from light to dark

This year’s home marks a significant departure from tradition. Unlike previous years' light and airy designs, it welcomes a darker and more powerful theme, embracing bold and rich hues. The concept incorporates elements such as leathers, tweeds and plaids—styles linked to equestrian culture. Dark greens, deep navies and warm tones dominate, leaving behind the soft pastels of the past. White takes a back seat, making way for caramel as the latest neutral and setting the stage for opulence.

“This year's design aligns with current interior design trends,” notes interior designer Tanya Collins, “since moodier tones are on the rise.” And there is a return to warmer wood finishes, like mahogany and walnut, to add richness and timelessness to the home.

The Equestrian captures the essence of Mahogany and Manotick Village, both inside and out. adopting classic yet distinct architectural elements. "The exterior design pays homage to the Mahogany community, featuring abundant brickwork that exudes timeless elegance," said Karen van der Velden, Product Development Manager with the Minto Group.

Overcoming challenges with creativity and compassion

Behind the captivating aesthetics lies a meticulous design process. According to Karen, "The journey starts with selecting the model and tweaking floorplans. It's about understanding how every detail, from archways to wall mouldings and lighting, contributes to the overall design."

The design team collaborates with vendors—such as Euro Tile, Rome Flooring and La-Z-Boy—to create a cohesive look and bring the concept to life. Customization is key, allowing for the creation of unique elements, like gold medal inlays in cabinets and black mullion glass doors. From millwork to lighting, it all adds to the allure of this year’s grand prize for the CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Lottery.

Building the Minto Dream Home for CHEO comes with a special set of challenges. It’s a complex process due to the project’s scale, coordinating with numerous vendors and suppliers, tradespeople and the team at CHEO. Fortunately, it often means working with the same individuals and businesses that have contributed to past homes, adding familiarity to those involved.

Ensuite in the 2023 Minto Dream Home

Some consider it limiting, working with repeat partners, but Tanya thrives when these constraints pop up. She says it’s about finding unexpected and delightful ways to incorporate common elements into the home’s design theme. And overcoming these challenges is part of what makes the project rewarding. It's a testament to the power of collaboration and the shared vision of creating something extraordinary.

Finding fulfilment and favourite spaces

Similar to almost every other Minto Dream Home, the design team admits their favourite space in the Equestrian is the kitchen. It’s warm, inviting and bright—the perfect reflection of sophisticated design. Another favourite feature is the rustic elegance of the wood ceiling in the dining and living rooms. These elements represent the culmination of a creative journey aimed to inspire and amaze.

Of course, the most fulfilling aspect is contributing to CHEO. The Minto Dream Home is a symbol of hope, empowering those involved and encouraging the entire community to take part in the Dream of a Lifetime Lottery. For Karen and Tanya, “The best part is knowing you’re giving back and doing your part to make a positive impact on the lives of children and youth at CHEO.”

Family In Mahogany, Manotick

Find meaning and modernity in Mahogany

The 2023 Minto Dream Home for CHEO returns to Mahogany, Manotick, just steps from Manotick Village. It’s the perfect community for the Equestrian: charming and elegant, convenient and chock full of amenities. From picturesque streetscapes and multi-use pathways to parks, a community pond and everything you need to maximize your well-being.

All of which resonates with the Minto Dream Home, a resilient home with a holistic approach to wellness and sustainability. The home combines greener building practices and materials with innovative technology to enhance your home comfort and reduce your carbon footprint. Tanya and the entire team at Minto agree, the Equestrian is designed for a brighter future. For your family and the planet, for children and youth at CHEO.

The 2023 Minto Dream Home is now closed. Stay tuned for the next CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Lottery.

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