Basement Creativity

If you’re not sure what to do with your new basement, you’ve come to the right place. Of course, traditionalists have mostly utilized this space as a family or rec room — but if you have chosen a home that already features both a living room and family room on the main level, consider doing something bold and daring!

Create an at-home jungle gym

Spoil the kids, or grandkids, by converting an area in your basement into the ultimate jungle gym! Install colourful foam mats, monkey bars, swings suspended from the ceiling, even a climbing wall, and watch how quickly your basement becomes the favourite room in the house. Pair these with some bright wall murals, and your kids will be monkeying around on a playground even a rainy day can’t ruin.

Install a wine cellar

Indulge your inner sommelier by constructing a beautiful wine cellar to ensure your supply is always topped-up. Save the money on a contractor by taking a DIY approach and installing pre-fab wine racks that can expand as your collection does. Accent the space with some natural stone walls for a truly authentic Italian wine cellar. Invite friends and family over, uncork an old favourite, and relax in your surroundings.

Prepare your future NHL-er

Bring the family hockey enthusiast’s dream to life with a basement skating rink! Create your own using inline tiles or synthetic ice tiles and eliminate the need for a Zamboni. Add some boards and your favourite hockey logos, and you’ll have an incredible space that the neighborhood kids will be flocking to. Cubby shelves make for easy storage for equipment, and can be quickly installed to have the basement “Hockey Night in Canada” ready.

Be a bar star

Why go out to a pub when you can be the pub? It doesn’t matter if you’re a collector of fine wines or craft your own home brews — you can create a fun space in your basement for entertaining by setting up a custom wet bar. Include a beer fridge, wine rack, and, if you’re really ambitious, taps for kegs to enhance the experience with a home draught unit from The Beer Store. These simple units ship complete, with a refrigerator compartment sized to fit the most popular keg dimensions. You’ll be ready to enjoy the perfect pour in no time!

Add some games

Turn your basement into the go-to source for fun by converting it into the ultimate games room! Add a pool table, dart board, arcade-style pinball machine or a cozy area for vegging out and playing video games. By adding a conversion table top, you can change your game of pool to a game of ping-pong in no time. Finish off with some comfy bean bag chairs, and the whole family will never want to leave.

Get physical

Chances are, you’ll be far more likely to muster up the energy to get some exercise in if the gym is conveniently located just downstairs. No need to dress to impress, it’s just you and your workout. Set yourself up for success with a few simple pieces of equipment. Consider a treadmill, some free weights, a yoga mat, and a full-length mirror to start off. Add a whiteboard to track your progress and write motivational messages to yourself, and you’ll be inspired to continue your routine. You can even add a TV to follow workout videos or catch up on your shows while you’re breaking a sweat.

If a finished basement is in the cards for your new Minto home, have fun maximizing this space to suit your family’s needs.

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