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Charles Boechler on Minto’s Sustainability Initiatives in Calgary

We recently caught up with Charles Boechler, Senior Manager of Sustainability and Planning for Minto Communities Canada, to chat about his role and the various sustainability projects and intiatives he and his team are responsible for. Keep reading to learn what he's most looking forward to in the coming months and what he loves about working at Minto. [...]

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14 August, 2023

Ottawa LIVING | New Homes

Detached Homes, Townhomes & Condos

The 23-year legacy of Minto Communities and CHEO

For 23 years running, we’ve designed and built the lottery’s Grand Prize while putting heart and soul into each home. See how we continue to support CHEO with you.

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Kanata’s Ideal investment Opportunity

Parkside at Arcadia stands as a smart investment for Ottawa families looking to help their children enter the real estate market. The perfect combination of ideal location, exceptional homes and stunning community planning offer incredible potential for financial growth.

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Starting Your Homeowner Journey in Parkside at Arcadia

Buying a new home is an exciting new journey. Whether you are a first-time buyer or an investor, it is essential to know the costs of purchasing a house and to understand the ins and outs of mortgage financing.

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More firsts

Celebrating 68 Years of Minto and 100,000 Homes Built

In a journey spanning nearly seven decades, Minto reached a significant milestone - the construction of 100,000 homes. From our humble beginnings as a small Ottawa-based company, we have evolved into a recognized industry leader dedicated to constructing homes that create thriving communities.

Minto Employee Mental Health & Well Being

Prioritizing and investing in employee mental health and well-being

Over the last year, we made strides in prioritizing workplace health and well-being by increasing psychological services benefits, providing a one-stop-shop for well-being, offering wellness-related training, fostering social connections, and more.

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How to prep your home for winter: Part 1 - Indoors

Is your home ready for the winter months ahead? If not, we can help. Check out our six tips on how to get your home winter-ready, starting with the inside.

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