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10 simple health tips for children to follow

LIVE healthier | 4 MIN READ | 2022-08-11

Establishing a healthy lifestyle is important for the physical and mental well-being of children. As parents, we should be proactive in our approach. We must teach them healthy habits.

So, how can we help the little ones stay healthy? Read on as we share some tips. 

Promoting the Best Habits for Healthy Kids 

Creating a healthy home should involve promoting healthy habits among children. This does not have to be complicated. Below are some simple tips that kids must follow. 

1. Visit the Doctor Regularly 

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It might sound simple, but this can make a huge difference in the health of kids. Start them young and they will not be scared as they grow old. Plus, this is an opportunity to have early intervention and detection for several problems that can arise.

For instance, when a baby is tongue-tied, a visit to the doctor will let you know early on what can be done so your kid won’t have to suffer growing old. It is also important to note that no amount of google research can replace health advice from a doctor.

2. Eat a Balanced Diet

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According to the Canadian Paediatric Society, kids need three meals and one to three snacks in a day. Whole, fresh, and unprocessed foods are the best options. During meals, half of the plate should be fruits and vegetables, 1/4 should be whole grains, and the other 1/4 must be protein. Limit the consumption of foods with refined sugar and sodium. Water is a must. It is also important for kids to eat with family, preferably at home instead of fast-food chains. 

3. Make Brushing Teeth a Routine 

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A lot of kids hate brushing their teeth. They are often too lazy and will have all sorts of excuses. Nonetheless, this should be a part of their daily routine. Tooth-brushing twice a day is crucial for their oral health. This will also teach them to be disciplined. 

To encourage kids, provide them with the right toothbrush, which should be comfortable for them to use. Also, parents should serve as role models. It is not enough for kids to brush their teeth. They should also do so with the right toothpaste to ensure healthy gums and teeth. 

4. Get Active 

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In this digital age, a lot of kids spend their time in front of screens. With remote learning and digital classrooms, children are not getting the activity they used to while attending school regularly. This promotes a sedentary lifestyle, which is bad for their health. Another simple but effective health tip for children is to remain active. Their physical activity should match their age.

For instance, those who are three to four years old must have an energetic play of at least one hour. Meanwhile, those who are five to nine years old should have at least an hour of physical activity daily. By being active while they are young, they will form a healthy habit that can last a lifetime.

5. Practice Mindfulness

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Being healthy goes beyond the physical aspect. Even children should be proactive in doing things that will promote mental well-being. Mindfulness delivers a plethora of benefits, including boosting self-confidence and managing stress. It is not just for adults but also for children. 

Among others, one of the best things to do is practice meditation. Even for just a few minutes a day and with simple activities like breathing exercises, children can meditate and develop mindfulness. Another good mindfulness exercise is talk, such as simply talking about the things that children are thankful for. 

6. Get Enough Sleep 

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The amount of sleep that children need depends on their age. For instance, those who are up to three months old need up to 17 hours of sleep. Meanwhile, kids aged three to five years old require 10 to 13 hours of sleep and nine to 12 hours for those who are six to 13 years old.

Children should develop a regular sleeping routine so that they will be used to the habit. The routine can also include washing up, listening to music, or reading a book. There should be no screen time before bed.

7. Drink Plenty of Water 

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This is perhaps one of the simplest ways by which children can stay healthy. Healthy hydration is a must. As early as six months, babies can start drinking water, but it should be only four to eight ounces per day. Kids aged one to three need four cups of liquid daily, which can be water or milk.

The older they get, the more water they will need. Flavored juices, sodas, and other unhealthy beverages must be avoided.

8. Reduce Screen Time 

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Whether it is on smartphones, laptops, tablets, or televisions, many children spend a lot of time in front of screens. Limit the screen time of children depending on their age, especially if what they are not doing is not related to their studies or learning.

Screens are known for emitting light that can affect the health of children. For instance, it can reduce their melatonin levels, which will make it more difficult to sleep.

9. Wash Hands Frequently 

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Handwashing is one of the most important habits children will learn. Kids are playful, and hence, they will be touching a lot of surfaces, including those teeming with dirt and germs. They should learn how to wash their hands regularly using soap and water. If it is not available, then hand sanitizer or alcohol should be used.

10. Read a Book 

Child Reading a Book

Nourishing the mind is important for the well-being of the little ones, especially for mental health. One way to ensure such is to read a book. Parents should find time to read books to their kids. This is also a great bonding activity and will help put them to sleep. Once they are older, kids should learn to read on their own. It is better than being glued to screens the whole day.  

Health is wealth, even among kids. To live a healthy lifestyle, kids should visit a doctor regularly, eat a healthy and balanced diet, stay active, drink plenty of water, and reduce screen time, among other things. These habits should start while they are young, so they can bring it with them as they grow older. 

Do you have additional tips for children’s health that aren’t featured here? Let us know!


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