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Welcome to Kensington

There's always something new to discover in Kensington, whether you’re new to the City or have lived in Calgary for years.

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Vendome Café

The Annex is located in vibrant Kensington, steps away from the neighbourhood’s walkable hub of retail shops, restaurants, professional services and speciality stores. Keep checking back for more local business features.

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Get to Know The Annex

Welcome to The Annex in Kensington! We're thrilled that you are considering calling The Annex home and have taken the first step towards finding The Next You.

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LIVE greener

dog lying on floor with plants all around it

How to care for outdoor plants indoors

That undeniable chill in the air means it’s time to hunker down and head indoors for the colder months. It also means potted plants that relied on warm sunshine and rain all spring and summer need a cozy place to crash, too. Before your favourite perennials and herbs succumb to the changing climate, follow these easy tips to give them the TLC they need to make it through […]

bright dining room table with lots of fruits and veggies on it

Tips to extend the shelf life of groceries

Tired of throwing out produce and feeling wasteful? Right now it’s more important than ever to learn how to extend the shelf life of food while we’re staying at home. Check out these 6 tips that will help ensure your groceries stay fresh for as long as possible […]

LIVE healthier

person sitting out on nicely decorated balcony

How to boost your mood while staying in

Are you a little all over the place right now? Taking care of yourself both mentally and physically is always important, but even more so now that we’re home all the time. Take a look at these 6 tips to help ensure your brain stays in good shape while staying in […]

plants in a row

Plants that clean the air in your home

On average, Canadians spend about 90% of their time indoors. Along with using scent-free products and keeping your home well-ventilated, plants are a helpful tool for improving indoor air quality. Here’s 10 plants that clean the air in your home […]

LIVE smarter

person wearing grey socks sitting on a yellow blanket with a cat, coffee, magazine and smart phone

How to enjoy Friday night at home

These days, it’s all about staying home. But it can still be easy to get caught up in the daily grind and run out of ways to just chill. Here’s a list of ways to spend a Friday night at home when you need to slow down and relax [...]

6 questions to ask before starting a home renovation

A home improvement or renovation project can be incredibly exciting! But, before you start knocking down walls and choosing flooring, there are lots of important questions to ask yourself about what you’re hoping to achieve. After all, it’s a big investment and mistakes can be costly [...]

LIVE together

5 fun activities for a COVID-friendly Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and doctors in Canada and the United States are saying that trick-or-treating is a no-go this year. We might not be able to collect candy door-to-door with our friends or attend a costume party this time around, but check out our list of Halloween activities that are COVID-friendly and just as fun [...]

couple sitting on the couch waving at their camera

How to celebrate Thanksgiving during COVID-19

Fall has arrived and so has one of our favourite holidays – but it may look different this year. Thanksgiving is a time for us to gather together to celebrate, be thankful, and of course, eat! But with limitations in place, many of us have decided to stay home to keep everyone safe. If your plans have been cancelled, we’ve got lots of ways to make this a Thanksgiving to remember […]

LIVE brighter

small dining room with wreaths hanging on the wall

Holiday decorating on a dime

If you’re like us, you’re all about creating a trendy apartment for the holidays that glistens with twinkly lights and makes cozying up with hot cocoa that much better – just without the added cost of it all. We’ve got tips for festive apartment décor that won’t break the bank – and can be reused (hello, sustainability!). Check out these simple holiday décor ideas […]

How to choose the right tiles for your bathroom

Thinking about renovating your bathroom? There are lots of things to consider, like what kind of tile will work best in your space. Do you prefer bright colours or neutral tones? Patterned or plain? Small or oversized? Tile is a big commitment and typically a focal point in a bathroom, so this important detail is something you’ll want to pay close attention to [...]