Pre Closing

Pre Closing

Lease Sales

Understanding your sales agreement

After you have purchased your home, your Sales Representative is your contact for any specific questions about your Purchase Agreement and can also provide direction regarding financing your home.

Sales Steps after Purchase

Provide financing/lawyer information

To coordinate your occupancy/closing and finalize the sale, we require your financing information. Our Sales Representatives require up-to-date contact information and notifications of any changes for the lawyer facilitating your occupancy/closing – this information is crucial to ensure things go smoothly through the home owning process.

Key Information from your Sales Agreement

Standard features and finishes

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the included features for your home, which are outlined in your Agreement of Purchase and Sale, as this may differ from a Model Home or previous year’s specifications.

Reverse mirror image plan

Depending on the type of home you have purchased, the layout of your finished home may be a reverse mirror image of the floor plans shown in the marketing materials or Agreement of Purchase and Sale. Please keep this in mind when purchasing appliances such as fridges and dryers, as you have to select which way the door swings.

Potential delays

At Minto Communities, we are fully committed to building a quality home that both you and Minto Communities can be proud of and one that will bring you many years of enjoyment in. Although we strive to complete your home by your first tentative occupancy/close date, there is always the possibility of an unforeseen construction delay when building a new home.

Your Statement of Critical Dates outlines that your occupancy/close date may change. We encourage you to review your Statement of Critical Dates (included in your Agreement of Purchase and Sale) which outlines that there is the possibility of an unforeseen construction delay. Please keep in contact with your dedicated Customer Experience Coordinator, who will be able to provide you updates as we proceed with the construction of your home.

Exterior colour package selections (if applicable)

Minto Communities' objective is to build a beautiful community, where your home and the homes of your neighbours complement one another. We believe development of a Minto Communities neighbourhood must begin with a selection of high-quality exterior finishes that are diverse in colour and texture, so that we avoid repetition – not just in design but in exterior colour materials as well. This means if you are eligible to select your exterior colour or elevation, we thank you in advance for your cooperation in following the architectural control guidelines in place to help us create diverse and interesting streetscapes.

Hot water tank rental agreement

Did you know that in order for an Ontario homebuilder to obtain an occupancy permit for a new home, a system to heat water must be installed in the home? We constantly review the options available in the market, and we work hard to find the best balance between energy efficiency, affordability and minimum maintenance for our homeowners. As part of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale, you have entered into a rental agreement with the supplier for your hot water tank or tankless water heating system. Once you have received the keys to your new home, you assume the monthly obligations.

Firm deal

Minto Communities provides you with a conditional period after you sign your agreement to give you the complete confidence in the Minto Communities home you have purchased. This window of time (also referred to as rescission period) is between when you sign your Agreement of Purchase and Sale and the prescribed deadline for when the deal becomes firm. You can check your agreement or ask your Sales Representative for details,

The conditional period is an opportunity for to review your agreement of purchase and sale with your lawyer and be certain that you are completely confident in your decision. After the conditional period is done the deal becomes “firm”, we are unable to accommodate any further changes to your agreement, such as the model, lot, elevation or exterior colour package of your new home.

Finalizing your personalized selections

After you’ve purchased a home with Minto Communities, you’ll have one-on-one appointment(s) with your dedicated Design Centre Consultant who will help you personalize your new home with a range of options, additional investments and high-quality finishes — expertly selected so you’re always on trend!

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