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Post Move In
Moving In

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Once you’ve moved in

The big day when you receive your keys is here! This section is an overview of the first 90 days of living in your new Minto Communities home, and will highlight key items to remember.

Exterior work may be in progress

We know how excited our homeowners are to move-in and that is why we schedule and prioritize completing the inside of your home first so you can take possession and receive your keys as soon as possible.

This may mean that seasonal work such as grass, curbs, sidewalks, fences, pathways, roads, and parks as well as some exterior aspects of your home, such as caulking or painting, may still be awaiting more seasonable temperatures for completion.

Living next to a construction zone

As is the case with any home in a new community, there is likely to be ongoing construction activity in or around your property for many months after you move in. Although our job sites undergo a significant transformation once the first homeowner receives their keys, a large portion of the community remains an active construction site.

Safety is our priority, so we ask you to be mindful of the activities listed to the right and take appropriate precautions. We always work to minimize the impact of our construction on our homeowners and thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we complete your neighbours’ homes.

Building a new neighbourhood: know what to expect in the first year

  • No grass, trees, curbs, or sidewalks
  • Roads that are dirty, dusty, and muddy
  • Gravel driveway or parking with ‘ramping’ from the street to the curb
  • Additional foot and vehicle construction traffic and Trade parking on the street
  • A temporary/base layer of asphalt on your street or parking lot (a finish layer to come later)
  • Construction noise during permitted hours – we are always respectful of noise by-laws
  • Fire hydrants, curbs and manholes that seem ‘too high’ out of the ground
  • Designated/fenced off pedestrian pathways for your safety

To-do list: your first 90 days

Setting the stage for long-term enjoyment of your new home starts with ensuring the protection of your home’s warranty. Here are some important items, milestones, and tasks you should be aware of. Keep this checklist accessible so you know exactly what to do – and expect – during the first 90 days and beyond.

1 to 2 weeks before you receive your keys

  • Contact Canada Post at to obtain your new postal code and apply for your mailbox key.
  • Check in with your lawyer and financial institution to ensure you have everything required.
  • Contact utility and service providers (water, gas, hydro, Bell, Rogers, etc.).
  • Start changing your address on your ID, at work, your bank, etc.

Day 1 – key day!

  • Receive your keys!
  • Review any items that you identified at your PDO with your Minto Communities Construction Team member and confirm if they have been addressed to your satisfaction.

Your first 7 days

  • If anything from your PDO remains incomplete or is not yet scheduled for repair, connect with your Minto Communities Construction Team member to schedule.
  • Register your new home warranty with Tarion at

25 days in your new home

  • Note any items of concern. Expect to find some warrantable items you’d like Minto Communities to address. Keep a list.
  • Complete your 30-Day Warranty Form on the Tarion ‘MyHome’ website noting any warrantable items you’d like Minto Communities to address. Please also send a copy to the Minto Warranty Team. Make sure you submit before your 30-Day deadline to protect your warranty.

45 days in your new home

  • Receive a call or email from the Warranty Team who will schedule any required work day(s) to address repairs noted on your 30-Day Warranty Form.
  • Fill out your Customer Satisfaction Survey – your feedback is important to us! You will receive an online Customer Satisfaction Survey by email from AVID Ratings Inc. We appreciate every one that is completed and use it to make positive changes to our services.

60-90 days in your new home

Plan to be home for repair days. On average, homeowners have 2-5 work days where Minto Communities requires access to your home to address warrantable items you have noted on your 30-Day Warranty Form. Although Minto Communities is permitted 120 days to address any repairs from when you submit your 30-Day Warranty Form, we always strive to schedule work sooner. Work days require us to procure any needed materials and take some time to schedule and coordinate with the Trades, so we appreciate your patience. At Minto Communities, we target completion within 3 months of moving in.

90 days and beyond in your new home

External items that require addressing or adjustment (caulking painting, driveways, or sod) may take place beyond 90 days when the temperature/weather is more appropriate.

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