Homeowner Resources

Homeowner Resources

Homeowner Journey Resources and Guides

We want to provide our Homeowners with some key information to ensure you understand everything that takes place from the moment you purchase your home to the day you receive your keys, and beyond!

These convenient maps, guides and facts outline all homeowner responsibilities along the way and let you know what to expect during each stage of the journey towards Minto Communities home ownership.

Tarion Warranty Corporation has recently updated the Warranty Guidelines, which came into effect for homes occupied after May 1st, 2024. Click below to download the Warranty Brochures and learn more.

Homeowner Journey Map (Freehold)


Homeowner Journey Map (Condominium)


Condominium Fact Sheet


Warranty Brochure (Freehold)


Warranty Brochure (Condominium)


Home Care and Maintenance

Discover everything you need to know once you receive your keys; from understanding your new home warranty and what you need to do to maintain it, to operating the features in your home.

The information below covers the critical home maintenance how-tos to help you protect your investment and enhance curb appeal.

Protecting Your Investment: Critical Home Care Tips


Guide For Caring For Your Lawn


To-Do List: Your First 90 Days (Checklist)



Home Care and Maintenance Videos

Here are some quick How To videos on the basics of home ownership. Want to know how to change your furnace filter? What do you do if you have a leak? Find out below!

How to change your furnace filter

How to winterize your exterior hose bib

How to shut off your water if you have a leak

How to fix an outlet with no power

How to maintain your smoke/CO2 detector

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