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It’s important to understand the many features and finishes in your home, their purpose and how best to care for them.


Heat Recovery Ventilation unit (HRV)

The HRV delivers fresh, filtered air to your home and circulates that fresh air for improved ventilation and living comfort. Air is filtered to help reduce dust and pollutants in your home.

We recommend you clean/replace the filter every 3 to 6 months to maintain the system and indoor air quality. The filter for the unit is located behind the lower panel.


Programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat helps make it easy for you to save energy by offering 7-day scheduling capabilities to regulate your home’s temperature in both summer and winter – when you are asleep or away. The thermostat enables you to control the temperature and airflow in your home. Set the temperature to your comfort level when you’re home, and adjust lower for increased energy savings when you’re away. Here are a few recommendations:

  • It is recommended that you adjust your thermostat during the winter months since you can save as much as 3% on the heating bill by lowering your thermostat just 1°C (2°F)
  • Typical winter settings are 21°C (70°F) for the hours you are awake and active, and 18°C (64.5°F) when you are sleeping
  • Turn your Fan Speed setting to “Auto” using the buttons at the bottom of the thermostat. This will turn off the fan when no heating or cooling is required – saving you electricity and money

Thermostats offer the single greatest and easiest opportunity to conserve energy, requiring nothing more than adjusting a switch to the desired temperature setting and reducing heating/cooling during sleeping or ‘away’ hours.

Bathroom exhaust fans

You are reminded to turn the exhaust fan to a ON setting to better ventilate your bathrooms during showers.

Using your bathroom exhaust fans to help control humidity is a valuable tool to maintain your home, and prevent damaging condensation.

Range hood exhaust

The range hood exhaust is directly vented to the exterior of the home. You should always use the exhaust fan when cooking on the stovetop to help control odours and humidity within your home, particularly during the first year when humidity control can be of great importance.


Humidity and condensation

Maintaining the relative humidity in your home has many benefits, not only to your overall comfort, but can also to extend the life of any wood products inside the home, such as furniture, cabinetry, and flooring. It is highly recommended, particularly during the winter months, that indoor relative humidity is monitored and that efforts are made to control the humidity levels by keeping the home well ventilated; either by opening windows, using your range hood exhaust, bathroom fans, and/or running the HRV fan when otherwise not in use. Sometimes other methods of controlling humidity may be required, such as the use of humidifiers, dehumidifiers or fans.


It is recommended that a relative humidity level of 35% be maintained, however on extremely cold days, which are common in the Ontario winter months, the number should be lowered. Please contact the Warranty Team for more advice.

Condensation and high humidity are a common cause of deficiencies in a home. In the winter months as the exterior temperature drops and central heating is turned on in homes, moisture in the air condenses on cold surfaces such as windows and doors. Water droplets form on these surfaces and run down, often causing damage to window frames, drywall, flooring and interior trim. In very cold conditions the condensation may even transform into ice build-up. Damage resulting from condensation is not covered by the home warranty, and if ignored can lead to fungal growth on wet surfaces. Water damage from condensation is unsightly, but in most cases, it can be easily repaired as long as any standing water is cleaned up and the surface is allowed to properly dry out.

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