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Exterior Maintenance

Exterior Maintenance

While your new home is under construction, you will have the opportunity to meet a member of the Construction Team for a guided walkthrough of your home — they’ll also answer any questions you may have.

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It is prudent to have your windows washed once or twice annually, particularly from the outside to remove dust or dirt build up around edges and keep the window panes clear. Over time, window caulking might need to be redone depending on weather and sun exposure.

Sodded Lawn

Your lawn can be a major factor in your home’s curb appeal and perceived value, and once the sod is laid, the homeowner becomes responsible for maintenance. New sod requires frequent/daily watering, especially in the first two weeks. For the first two years of your lawn’s life, you will likely need to supplement rainfall with watering, more during, particularly hot periods. The best time to water is in the evenings or early morning. After two years of establishment, drought-tolerant sod typically requires little maintenance or watering. During a drought, sod may become brown but typically returns to green once rain returns.


In the heat of the summer, asphalt can become soft. Bike kickstands, lawn chairs and other pointed or heavy objects can sink into the hot surface, causing driveway damage. Sudden stops in your vehicle while on the driveway, especially when reversing, can create dents or tire marks. With our extreme freeze-thaw cycles, driveway cracking is a normal part of owning an Ontario home and is not considered a warrantable defect. Many homeowners chose to maintain their driveways with an annual sealer and/or crack filler.

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