New Detached Homes & Townhomes in Unionville


A new master-planned community by
Minto Communities and Metropia.



Key features:
Large multi-paned and arched picture windows with precast/stucco surrounds; tall, sloping, hipped rooflines; flared eaves and dormer windows.
Key materials:
Stucco and/or stone.


Key features:
Multi-gabled rooflines; large picture windows; heavy timber-inspired decorative brackets, columns, and entry feature.
Key materials:
Brick, stone, and/or hardie siding.

French Country

Key features:
Large picture windows; decorative columns,
brackets, and shutters; and tall, sloping rooflines.
Key materials:
Brick and/or stone.


Key features:
Varied rooflines with raised parapets; large picture windows; and ‘simplified’ detailing through the use of canopies and material changes.
Key materials:
Brick, stucco, stone and/or metal siding.

Period Revival l Tudor

Key features:
Steep pitched multi-gable rooflines; portico-style entries with precast detailing; and large picture windows with brick/precast surrounds.
Key materials:
Brick, stone, and/or stucco.

Second Empire

Key features:
Mansard roof design; large multi-paned picture windows with precast/stucco surrounds; decorative railings
and cresting dormer windows.
Key materials:
Stucco and/or stone.

A Home In Balance

A sense of tranquility is the common thread running through Union Village. From thoughtfully planned community paths to inviting interiors, every space has been designed to make you feel at home.

For interior plans, layouts have been fine-tuned by international feng shui master, Paul Ng. One of North America’s top ranking experts in the field, Ng has personally approved every plan to ensure conformity to feng shui principles. These curated spaces will help residents enjoy more harmony, happiness and, overall, a better quality of life.

  • Options for separated stoves and sinks (to avoid a clash between the energetic elements of fire and water).
  • Staircases and entrances are kept a respectful distance apart (so that the main floor remains nourished by good energy).
  • Front doors and back doors are offset (so as not to disturb the flow of chi, the vital life force).
  • Avoidance of toilets which face a door (to ensure positive energy and wealth are not flushed away).

Live life in balance, in a community where every detail has been considered, and where life’s energy freely flows.

Sustainable Features

Minto Communities and Metropia are committed to creating communities that contribute to a healthier planet. At Union Village, that means easy access to green space and transit, connecting people to nature and to everywhere they need to go. It means innovative building features like cabinet integrated waste sorting and a way to make it easier to add solar panels in the future. It means quality living and a pledge to consume fewer natural resources, minimize waste, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while providing people with modern spaces to live, work, and play.


Health | Superior indoor air quality will be created through the use of healthier materials and finishes, as well as mechanical systems that will introduce fresh air throughout the home, creating a better environment for you and your family.


Savings | The energy efficiency of your home is approximately 20% superior than building code. The water efficient fixtures that come as standard mean that by buying a home at Union Village, you will be protecting yourself from rising utility costs.


Comfort | Homes will have a more consistent, comfortable temperature throughout. Our energy efficient home designs require less heating and cooling than a conventional home, while our sophisticated mechanical systems provide the ultimate in-home comfort.


Community | Buying a home at Union Village makes it easier for you to maintain a small Environmental Footprint.

Extensive network of trails, ponds, parks, wetlands, and green space that provide easy access to nature and the outdoors.

ENERGY STAR® for New Homes certification means that independent industry professionals verify that your home meets advanced industry standards with a particular focus on air tightness and energy conservation, enabling approximately 20% better energy efficiency.

A high performance envelope will reduce heating and cooling needs, and provides a consistently comfortable temperature throughout the home. This is achieved through an extra layer of insulation outboard of the exterior walls and attention to detail during construction to ensure that the continuous air barrier delivers better air tightness.

Efficient mechanical systems include a Heat Recovery Ventilation system that delivers fresh, filtered air throughout the home.

LED lighting throughout the home lasts 1.5 x longer and consumes 33% less energy than compact fluorescents.

Water efficient fixtures to help reduce consumption by up to 30% and protect residents from rising utility costs.

EV charging is made easier in the future with a conduit from the garage to the electrical panel.

Healthier materials and finishes such as low VOC paint and Green Label Plus-certified carpeting will improve indoor air quality

Integrated under-counter waste stations to collect and separate recycling and general waste.

Solar panel installation on your roof is made easier with the conduit provided from the roof to the electrical panel.

Roof design optimized for maximum solar panel installation while maintaining streetscape design aesthetic (36’, 43’ and 50’ single homes only).

Individual metering of hydro, water, and gas.


At Union Village, every home has been carefully outfitted with a feature-rich smart home package to offer not only beauty, comfort, and convenience, but a smarter way to live.

Townhome & Single Family Home Features*

Smart home icon. New homes for sale in Unionville, Ontario. Minto Communities.

Enercare Smarter Home Essential Package

Lets you monitor, automate, and manage your home from anywhere in the world.

Smart home hub icon. New homes for sale in Unionville, Ontario. Minto Communities.

Smart Home Hub

Keeps you connected, providing data that helps you make smarter decisions for energy consumption.

Smart Thermostat Icon. New homes for sale in Unionville, Ontario. Minto Communities.

Smart Home Thermostat

Lets you control the heating and cooling of your home even when you’re not around, saving money and keeping you comfortable.

Water leak icon. New homes for sale in Unionville, Ontario. Minto Communities.

Water Leak Sensor

Lets you know about water leaks before they have a chance to do significant damage.

HVAC Monitoring icon. New homes for sale in Unionville, Ontario. Minto Communities.

HVAC Performance Monitoring

Gives the information you need to help you save on energy costs.

Smart Lock icon. New homes for sale in Unionville, Ontario. Minto Communities.

Smarter Home Door Lock

Lets you automate certain tasks like locking your front door or turning off the lights when you leave the house.

Home camera icon. New homes for sale in Unionville, Ontario. Minto Communities.

Smarter Home Outdoor Camera

Lets you keep an eye on what’s happening, even when you’re not home. (Single Family Homes only)

Smart Home App icon. New homes for sale in Unionville, Ontario. Minto Communities.

Smarter Home app

Lets you access all these features from your smartphone or tablet.

*Features may vary by product type. Specifications subject to change without notice. E.&.O.E.

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Located north of 16th Ave. & Kennedy Rd. in Markham

Hours of Operation

Open by Appointment Only.

All plans, dimensions and specifications are subject to change without notice. Actual usable floor space may vary from the stated floor area. Column locations, window locations and size may vary and are subject to change without notice. Renderings are artist’s concept and will change if required by site conditions. Plans, specifications and materials are subject to availability, substitution, modification without notice at sole discretion of Minto Communities Inc. E. & O.E. March 2023.

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