Restaurant Profile: Greek Tycoon

Located at 1101 Brock Street South, Greek Tycoon has been providing the town of Whitby with delicious and authentic Greek cuisine since 1989. Loaded with flavour, Greek Tycoon serves up classic dishes like saganaki, souvlaki, seafood, marinated meats and other traditional eats. We spoke with the team at Greek Tycoon and discussed their family run establishment and what separates them from the rest!



What was the inspiration behind Greek Tycoon and its dishes?

Simplicity. We created a restaurant that was based on dishes tat tasted like “at home cooking”; we use recipes that have been passed down through family for generations. We saw the feedback from friends and family, and with the passion for cooking we put them into play. Sometimes the simplest of dishes are the greatest.

Your restaurant is ranked #2 for places to eat in Whitby, how do you keep up with such a high rating and standard?

Caring for the community and patrons of the establishment. We’ve been blessed to be in business here in Whitby for 28 years. We put the time and love into catering to our guests; there is always someone from the family on site making sure our guests are being well taken care of.  The key is to stick to what you know, and we feel we know Greek cuisine!

There are a lot restaurants in the Durham Region  – what makes Greek Tycoon stand out amongst the others?

I think it’s all about caring for the customer and what you’re serving them. Being in the same spot for so long, we’ve built and continue to build longstanding relationships. It’s nice meeting and learning about individuals in your community. We are also consistently making sure that we are providing the best available product – from produce to meats. Being fresh is very important to us, and that’s why everything is done in house at our restaurant – never frozen and always prepared daily. I think the customers understand this and value it.

Do the menus change seasonally?

Our staple items have been with us for quite some time. Once or twice per year we do change menus, adding and removing a few items. However the dishes we’re known for remain consistent. If it isn’t broke, why fix it? We also provide specials from time to time.


What dishes are your most popular?

Our Roast Lamb is second to none, and has customers coming from around the GTA. Our Moussaka, Exohico and Tycoon Chicken are also crowd pleasers. But from a volume perspective, our souvlaki is our number one choice. All made with fresh ingredients!

Why do you believe so many people keep returning to Greek Tycoon? What makes it a popular Whitby destination?

I believe this is a combination between the front and back of house. The ability and will to care for your customers, getting to know them, inquiring about their lives, builds a great relationship. They start out as strangers trying a new restaurant, and end up becoming friends. Caring for the people in the community is always our mission. Helping them celebrate, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just a night out, is always joyful for us. Having groups choose us to make their night special is a true blessing.

Knowing that you can come to a restaurant that remains consistent. We strive on being a destination where the food fresh, perfectly cooked, and affordable.

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