Lynde House Museum

There is a rich amount of history throughout the town of Whitby, just moments from the Ivy Ridge community. The Lynde House for example was built by Jabez Lynde in 1812 and served as much more than just a family home for himself, his wife and his children. It was also a haven for dispatchers, soldiers and those who were wounded during the War of 1812.

Jabez joined the British militia during the war and offered up his log cabin as an Inn, Tavern and supply depot. Here, soldiers were able to secure supplies on the way to battle in Niagara.

Not only did the Lynde family provide soldiers a place to sleep, they also offered medical care with the assistance of two doctors and fed those who were hungry. Hosting soldiers in their home sometimes resulted in the theft of the Lynde family’s possessions, however this never deterred them from assisting in the war effort.

The Lynde House was initially located on a large 200-acre farm, along what is now Highway 2 at Lynde Creek and the Lynde family resided there until 1867. In 2013 the Lynde House was moved to its permanent location at the corner of Brock and Burns Streets.

The Whitby community has gone to great lengths to ensure the preservation of this historic building. After multiple renovations and the installation of walkways and gardens, it is without a doubt that the legacy of the Lynde House will last for generations to come.

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