Elegant Holiday Décor

Minto Ivy Ridge homes in Whitby are classic and elegant, which means your holiday décor should be as well. Here are the best ways to create a festive yet refined décor theme for your home this year.

Keep it Simple
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Keep it Simple

The phrase quality over quantity applies to elegant decorating. Holiday decorations can sometimes become cluttered or overwhelming when they aren’t thought out. Decorating a few key places in your home such as the railing, the fireplace mantle and the entrance way, as well as your Christmas tree is what makes all the difference. Only focusing your decorating on key areas is what takes your decorating from messy to elegant.

Stick to a Colour Scheme

A colour scheme is how to make your home look professionally decorated. Sticking with three or four colours that you love and feel work well together will ensure your décor ties together beautifully. A classic holiday colour scheme is green, red and white or for a crisper look green, white and silver.

Colour Scheme
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Keep it Natural
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Keep it Natural

Incorporating raw and natural foliage into your décor brings a classic and cozy feel to your home. Bringing in the beauty and serenity of an outdoor winter wonderland, forged garland also makes decorating extremely inexpensive. There are a multitude of decorations you can make, all with natural materials such as garland, pinecones and birch tree branches.

Make it Personal

Adding personal touches to your holiday décor is what makes your house feel like a home. Personalized Christmas tree ornaments, frames or signs with family last names are a great way to add a personal touch. The holidays are about love, family and togetherness and your decorating should reflect that.

Make it Personal
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