The Heights of Harmony combines comfort, long-term value, health, and community into one exceptional new neighbourhood.

The first phase of The Heights of Harmony presents the unique opportunity to upgrade any 36’ or 43’ model to a Net Zero energy home. Discover a home at the forefront of sustainability, offering exceptional energy performance, the ultimate in comfort, and a better way to live.

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When you upgrade to a Net Zero Ready home at The Heights of Harmony, you’re selecting a home ready for the future. Enjoy a home built for a healthier lifestyle with value, comfort, and sustainability in every detail.


  • Generates as much energy as it consumes over the course of a year.
  • Protects you from future increases in energy prices.
  • Built to higher standards than conventional new homes, with high performance windows and better insulated walls and roof.


  • Delivers exceptional comfort all year round with even temperatures throughout the house.
  • A quieter home where outside noise such as traffic, lawnmowers and barking dogs is virtually eliminated.


  • Minimize the environmental footprint of your household by reducing energy demand and producing energy with renewable energy technology.
  • Preserve natural resources for future generations with water-saving fixtures and appliances.


Standard Home

The standard home is built according to the Ontario Building Code (OBC). These regulations establish the minimum standards for health, safety, resource conservation, environmental integrity, and accessibility.

This is the baseline for new development in Ontario.


ENERGY STAR® is a recognized symbol for energy efficiency.

ENERGY STAR® for new homes use, on average, 20% less energy than a standard home (roughly the equivalent of running a refrigerator for 10 years*). This is achieved through features like more insulation, improved air tightness, energy efficient doors and windows, and better mechanical equipment.

Net Zero Ready Home

A Net Zero Ready home sits at the forefront of luxury and sustainability and is 50% more energy-efficient than a standard home.

This is achieved by taking the level of insulation and air tightness, and the efficiency of the windows and mechanical equipment to an even higher level of performance. A Net Zero Ready home is built with the infrastructure in place so that, as renewable energy systems like solar become more affordable and more efficient, your home is ready to adapt for the future.

Net Zero Home

A Net Zero home generates as much energy as it uses over the course of a year.**

The same high-quality standards of construction and design as Net Zero Ready, provide exceptional efficiency, with the addition of solar panels for renewable energy. Every part of the home works together to provide a comfortable, quality, stress-free lifestyle.

*Source -

**based on a calculated estimate of how much energy the home will generate. May vary based on homeowner consumption.

An exterior rendering at The Heights of Harmony A interior rendering at The Heights of Harmony.


  1. More insulation in exposed floors, walls, and under the basement slab ensuring a more comfortable and consistent temperature throughout the home.
  2. Air tight building envelope with Aerobarrier technology keeping an even temperature throughout with no drafts or cold spots.
  3. Triple-pane windows resulting in less heat loss and a quieter home.
  4. Efficient HVAC systems and Air-Source Heat Pumps providing fresh air and more efficient heating and cooling.
  5. Multi-zone HVAC system, including zoned thermostats allowing you to set different temperatures for each zone in the house.
  6. High performance toilets, faucets, and showerheads saving thousands of litres of water each year.
  7. ENERGY STAR® Certified appliances to significantly reduce your electricity bills.
  8. 100% high efficiency LED lighting for lower electricity costs.
  9. Energy Monitor showing how much energy your home is using, making it easy to monitor and manage your consumption. It will also monitor how much energy your solar panels are generating if you upgrade to Net Zero.


  1. Solar panels to generate clean, renewable energy.
  2. Inverter to help convert solar energy into energy that your home can use.
  3. Net energy meter replaces the conventional hydro meter and measures both the energy drawn from and sent to the power grid. 


A Net Zero Ready home at The Heights of Harmony features an advanced zoned HVAC system, where different areas can be heated and cooled independently, creating a more comfortable living experience, every day. Enjoy total control, with maximum comfort in every room in the house.

Better Comfort Icon. New homes for sale in Oshawa, Ontario. Minto Communities.

Better Comfort

A zoned HVAC system delivers heating and cooling directly to each zone in your home.

Better Temperature Control icon. New homes for sale in Oshawa, Ontario. Minto Communities.

Better Temperature Control

With a smart thermostat, you control the temperature within each zone.

New homes for sale in Oshawa, Ontario. Minto Communities.

Greater Utility Savings

Reduced energy usage saves you money every month on your utility bills.

Canadian Home Builders’ Association Logo.


Since 1943, the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) has been “the voice of Canada’s residential construction industry.” Representing one of the largest industry sectors in Canada, the membership is made up of some 9,000 companies – including home builders, renovators, land developers, trade contractors, product and material manufacturers, building product suppliers, lending institutions, insurance providers, and service professionals. CHBA is leading the way for Net Zero with the Net Zero Energy Housing Council (NZC), supporting industry innovation with the goal of meeting the energy efficient housing aspirations of Canadians.

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Harmony Rd. N. and Winchester Rd. E. in North Oshawa

The Heights of Harmony Sales Centre


Site Location:
Harmony Road North,
Oshawa, ON, L1H 8L7

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Hours of Operation

Monday-Wednesday: 11AM-5PM
Thursday-Friday: By Appointment Only
Saturday-Sunday: 11AM-6PM

All plans, dimensions and specifications are subject to change without notice. Actual usable floor space may vary from the stated floor area. Column locations, window locations and size may vary and are subject to change without notice. Renderings are artist’s concept and will change if required by site conditions. Plans, specifications and materials are subject to availability, substitution, modification without notice at sole discretion of Minto Communities Inc. E. & O.E. March 2023.

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