Post Move-In

Post Move-In
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Your Home’s Features & Finishes

Your home is a sophisticated piece of building technology designed to enhance your day to day living. While one of the advantages of a new home is lower maintenance and worry, it’s important to understand the many features, systems, and finishes in your home, their purpose and how best to care for them. Review and carry out these maintenance best practices in order to prolong the life of your home and help it keep its value and function.

Caring for your Home

Electrical & Telecommunications

From lights to outlets, cables and electrical panels, your home’s nervous system has a huge impact on how you see things, literally. Review important tips on maintaining or altering this system to keep things appropriately illuminated.

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Your home includes plumbing systems designed to bring water, hot and cold, to your various sinks, showers and tubs as well as has pipes to efficiently remove wastewater. Familiarize yourself with these critical maintenance and troubleshooting tips to keep things flowing.

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Mechanical & Ventilation (HVAC)

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (if applicable) are the lungs of your home and referred to as your HVAC system.  Ensure your households benefits from the best indoor air quality and stays comfortable by knowing how to manage and maintain these critical components.

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Interior Finishes

How does a house become a home? Through the personality you give it with the colours, textures and layout of your finishes. Learn how to best care for everything from paint to cupboards to countertops to keep your interior looking like brand new.

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Exterior Maintenance

Your home extends to your property and outdoor spaces, and finishes are as important as what is inside. Maintain your curb appeal through these tips on how to keep a healthy lawn and important seasonal maintenance of your home’s exterior features and finishes.

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