Post Move-In

Post Move-In
Homeowner Responsibilities

Lease Homeowner Responsibilities

Protecting your investment

Follow these best practices to keep your new home in tiptop shape and protect your new home's warranty. Take control of condensation, understand proper seasonal maintenance, prevent heat and water damage, and care for interior features and finishes. 

Your participation in the warranty process is key

Once you receive the keys to your new home, you will receive an information package from Travelers by mail outlining your warranty coverage. Please provide prompt written notice of any defects in work or materials to Travelers along with our Warranty Team, so we can review and start scheduling service work days as soon as possible, and at a day or time that is as convenient to you as possible.

With the complexity of modern buildings, it is expected that you will have some matters to attend to, often cosmetic ones.

  • Once we receive notice of any items of concern, we will call to schedule an appointment for a service workday
  • We will require access to your home to complete any necessary repairs.
  • We ask homeowners or friends/family to be present to sign off on the work and more significantly, to ensure you are happy with it before we consider the matter closed.

Protecting your finishes and furniture

Maintaining the relative humidity in your home has many benefits, not only to your overall comfort, but proper humidity control can also extend the life of any wood products inside the home, such as furniture, cabinetry, and flooring. It is highly recommended, particularly during the winter months, that indoor relative humidity is monitored and that efforts are made to control the humidity levels by ventilating well; either by opening windows, using your range hood exhaust, investing in a dehumidifier, running bathroom fans and/or HRV. As a general guideline, it is recommended that relative humidity level of 35% be maintained; however, on extremely cold days, which are common in the winter months, the number should be lowered. Some wood products and hardwoods require slightly higher or lower humidity levels, as recommended by their manufacturer. Please contact the Minto Warranty Team for more advice.

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We're Here to Help

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