MasterCare Information Guide

At Minto, we believe that communication is the key to meeting your expectations and resolving any issues that may arise. We take pride in every home we build, and strive to provide you with the necessary tools, such as reference material and inspections with our qualified staff, so you can enjoy your new home in the GTA for years to come.

Here you will find valuable Master Care information to help you care for your new home:

Please contact Minto Master Care at [email protected] or at 1-855-MINTO-01 (646-8601) with any questions about new GTA homes.


How Do I Obtain Customer Service?

Minto‘s MasterCare team are readily available to respond to your questions and concerns whether by E-mail at [email protected], by telephone at 1.855.MINTO.01, or in person at one of our on-site MasterCare offices.

In order to fulfill our commitment to service excellence, we ask that all requests for service be provided to us in writing either by E-mail at [email protected], or by fax to your on-site MasterCare office.

24-Hour Grace Period Report

Our courtesy 24-Hour Grace Period Report will be left in the kitchen of your new home on closing day.  If required, new homeowners may submit this form within 24 hours of closing, or before you move in, whichever occurs first, by E-mail or fax as above.  The purpose of this report is to document any damage caused prior to closing that is a result of construction damage.  This list is not meant for urgent items nor is it a full inspection of your home.  Only items related to hard surface damage should be noted on the list. Once we receive it back from you, we will contact you to inspect the items in question.

Service Requests

At Minto, we take our commitment to customer excellence very seriously.  We don’t expect you to wait 30 days or one full year to report concerns or deficiencies.  We invite you to let us know of your concerns or deficiencies as and when they occur . You may use E-mail, fax or our Service Request Form which is available from your on-site MasterCare office. 

After Hours Emergencies

Minto provides a 24-Hour emergency response for situations which are determined to be urgent, for example, a complete loss of heat or a major water leak.   Should you experience an after hours emergency, please call 1.855.MINTO.01 (646-8601) and follow the prompts.

30-Day Report

New homeowners are to submit this form to request warranty service within the first 30 days of possession. We will inspect your report at the 45-day inspection, which has been arranged for you in advance. This appointment is communicated to you in the same letter that specified your PDI appointment (feel free to contact Master Care to verify this appointment). Please follow this link to Tarion's website and download the appropriate form according to your date of possession. Complete it and return by fax to Minto's Master Care Department at 905-709-4273 and Tarion Warranty Corporation at 1-877-664-9710.

Year End Report

New homeowners are to submit this form to request warranty service within the last 30 days of the first year of possession. Upon the receipt of your form, we will contact you to arrange for an appointment with one of our Master Care inspectors. Please follow this link to Tarion's website and download the appropriate form according to your date of possession. Complete it and return by fax to Minto's Master Care Department at 905-709-4273 and Tarion Warranty Corporation at 1-877-664-9710.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Minto provides a 24-hour emergency Master Care service response for situations which are determined to be urgent. Should you experience an emergency, please call the Master Care number either during or after business hours and you will be directed on how to obtain service. If you are calling after regular business hours, you will receive our answering service. Examples of emergencies are: a plumbing leak, significant water penetration from the exterior, or a complete loss of water or heat.

If you are experiencing a complete power outage, please contact your hydro supplier.

Minto Master Care - 905-709-9140


What's Covered Under My Warranty?

Warranty coverage for your new home is provided by Minto for the first two years, and then by Tarion Warranty Corporation for the following 5 years – for a total of 7 years of coverage for major structural defects.

The scope of warranty coverage varies depending on how long you have lived in your home.

1st Year of Occupancy - Minto will warranty your new home during the first year of occupancy to ensure your home is:

2nd Year of Occupancy - During the second year of occupancy, Minto will cover:

3rd to 7th Years of Occupancy - Although your warranty period with Minto has ended, your home is still covered for 5 more years for major structural defects by Tarion Warranty Corporation. Should you encounter a problem affecting the load-bearing function of your home, please contact Tarion directly at 1-877-982-7466.

What's Not Covered?

For more details, please visit


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1 Is all the work from my Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) going to be done prior to closing?

Not necessarily. We strive to complete as many items as possible, but some items may still be outstanding, which you should include on your 30-Day Report. There are several reasons why we may not be able to complete all items reported at your PDI, such as:

2 When do I get my keys?

Your lawyer will release your keys to you after the electronic title transfer is complete on your closing day. This may take up to the end of the business day.

3 Do I need to contact the utilities myself to have the account in my name?

Prior to your closing, please contact your local utility providers to notify them of the change in ownership. Please refer to your Minto Essentials Case for your local utilities providers contact information.

We recommend you take your own reading on the day of closing to verify against your first bill.

4 Where do I get my Canada Post mail and postal code?

Contact Canada Post directly at 1-866-607-6301 or at to inquire about your new postal code or where your mail will be delivered. It could be at a regular community mailbox, a temporary mailbox location, or possibly a local postal outlet (until a temporary mailbox location is set up).

5 What if my postal code is not listed with Canada Post yet?

Contact Canada Post directly at 1-866-607-6301 to inquire about missing information on their website. Quite often, it is a matter of the spelling of a street or city name that is preventing the correct address from being identified.

6 Who do I contact for my phone and cable connections?

Please refer to the utilities section located in your Minto Essentials Case.

7 When is garbage pick-up? Who do we contact about recycle boxes?

Please refer to the utilities section located in your Minto Essentials Case

8 When does my warranty begin?

Your warranty begins when you take possession of your home, on your closing day.

9 How do I know where my lot lines are?

Please refer to the copy of your lot plan that was provided to you as part of your legal documents on closing.

Certain physical features such as swales, hydro or cable pedestals do not represent lot boundaries. You may find survey pins on your lot, but do not rely on these pins as they may have been moved during grading & landscaping.

Minto does not go back to survey the lot lines after the closing date, therefore we recommend hiring a qualified surveyor to locate your lot lines prior to installing fences, hedges or boundary feature. This will ensure you are not encroaching on the adjoining properties.

10 When will my 24 Hour Grace Period Report be reviewed and the items repaired?

Once we have received your 24-hour Grace Period report, we will contact you to arrange for an inspection of the items in question. Arrangements for any needed repairs will be made following the inspection.

11 Do I have to be home on my work days for a service call?

Yes. When Minto or one of our trade partners is scheduled to complete work inside your home, an adult must be home while the repairs are being completed. It is in your best interest to be home during your work day, so you can inspect the work yourself, and authorize that the work has been done to your satisfaction.

12 Who do I contact when a power outage occurs?

Please refer to the utilities section of the Minto Essentials Case.             

13 When will my landscaping and driveway be done?

Minto Homes will co-ordinate the installation of asphalt driveway paving and landscaping within 270 days of seasonable weather from the date of possession. Prior to commencing, our office will send a notice to each home to advise of estimated start dates. In this notice we will include all the procedures we will require each homeowner to follow in order to facilitate the installation. For further details on the timelines for the installation of the asphalt driveway paving and landscaping please refer to your copy of the Tarion Homeowner Information Package.

14 Why is there water/ice build-up on my windows?

Condensation and ice on windows will occur if high relative humidity is maintained inside the home during periods of very cold weather. Humidity in the home is largely influenced and controlled by the family's lifestyle. A variety of factors can cause higher than normal levels of humidity such as the number of occupants, cooking patterns, showering and other daily activities. Also, humidity is higher during the first year of occupancy of a new home due to the home “drying out”.

As soon as excessive condensation occurs on inside window surfaces, steps should be taken to reduce the relative humidity by controlling the moisture sources or by increasing ventilation. You can try the following:

15 Who is responsible for snow removal and sanding/salting on my street?

Please contact your municipality for details.     


Troubleshooting Guide

1. My telephone is not working

2 There is no power to the bathroom plugs


3 Only half of an electrical outlet has power

4 The exterior light bulbs are not working

5 There is condensation / ice on my windows

6 My toilet is blocked

7 A room is cold

8 My furnace isn't operating

9 My fireplace is not working

10 My roof is leaking during a rainfall

11 There are insects inside my home


Seasonal Maintenance Tips

You can download a complete copy of our Homeowner's Manual here for more information.

We want to ensure your home is functional and comfortable for many years to come, so we've provided some basic tips for maintaining your new home season-by-season.

Spring & Summer

Fall & Winter