What is a Net Zero Home?

A Net Zero home is designed to produce as much energy as it consumes and is up to 80% more energy efficient than a home built to conventional standards. Using renewable energy systems, such as solar panels and water-saving fixtures, a Net Zero home helps to minimize the environmental footprint of your home and preserve natural resources for future generations. And that’s not all! Thanks to its advanced energy efficiency, a Net Zero home also has the added benefits of saving you money and providing a space fit for a healthier, more comfortable lifestyle. 

Developed in partnership with Metropia, we are proud to present our first Net Zero home, and the first one in Markham, at our master-planned community Union Village! We recently celebrated this milestone moment with a ribbon cutting ceremony. It has always been one of our values here at Minto Communities to develop more efficient and sustainable homes for a healthier future and we’re excited by the possibilities the Net Zero home allows. A Net Zero home is truly a home built for the future. In the second phase at Union Village in April 2022, we presented the unique opportunity to upgrade any 36’, 43’ or 50’ model to a Net Zero energy home, which ended up being a sell-out success. Following this success, we have also presented this offering at The Heights of Harmony, our master-planned community in Oshawa. A Net Zero home allows homebuyers to enjoy a home that’s at the forefront of luxury and sustainability. 

Features of a Net Zero Home:

  • More insulation in exposed floors, walls, and under the basement slab ensuring a more comfortable and consistent temperature throughout the home
  • Air tight building envelope with Aerobarrier technology keeping an even temperature throughout with no drafts or cold spots
  • Triple-pane windows resulting in less heat loss and a quieter home
  • Multi-zone HVAC system, including zoned thermostats allowing you to set different temperatures for each zone in the house
  • Efficient HVAC systems and Air-Source Heat Pumps providing fresh air and more efficient heating and cooling
  • High performance toilets, faucets, and showerheads saving thousands of litres of water each year
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified appliances to significantly reduce your electricity bills
  • 100% high efficiency LED lighting for lower electricity costs
  • Energy Monitor showing how much energy your home is using, making it easy to monitor and manage your consumption. It will also monitor how much energy your solar panels are generating if you upgrade to Net Zero
  • Solar panels to generate clean, renewable energy
  • Inverter to help convert solar energy into energy that your home can use
  • Net energy metre replaces the conventional hydro metre and measures both the energy drawn from and sent to the power grid

Why Upgrade to a Net Zero home?

A Net Zero home is built to high-quality standards of construction and design, providing exceptional comfort, sustainability, and long-term value. 


In a Net Zero home, you can sit back and enjoy a home built for a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle. A Net Zero home features an advanced zoned HVAC system where different areas of the home can be heated and cooled independently, creating a more comfortable living experience every day. Enjoy total control and even temperatures throughout the house. Living in a Net Zero home also means enjoying a quieter home where outside noise, such as traffic, lawnmowers, and barking dogs, is virtually eliminated.


Before seeking to meet the demand for energy with renewable sources, a Net Zero home first reduces energy use through greater awareness and advanced construction methods that improve the building envelope. The well insulated walls, high performing triple pane windows, and optimal air tightness make it more efficient. A Dual Fuel HVAC equipment switches between gas and electricity as needed, reducing the reliance on (and the cost of) gas. A multi-zone HVAC system and zoned thermostats mean you only pay to heat and cool the rooms you want and need, minimizing the waste of energy. The installation of solar panels creates a renewable energy system that produces emission-free energy and eliminates electricity costs. You can also operate the home with energy efficient mechanical and electrical equipment and appliances. 


Because a Net Zero home uses less energy than a standard home, you’ll save money every month on utility bills. You can see significant savings on annual utility costs with a Net Zero home versus a standard home. With Net Zero, you’re protected from future increases in energy prices, making it a smart investment today and a valuable proposition long term. 

Enjoy a home that promises better value, comfort, and sustainability in every detail with a Net Zero home!

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