The Best Smart Home Technology to Make Your Life Easier

This National Technology Day, we’re celebrating advancements in smart home technology! As technology advances, we continue to create new and innovative ways to live better and smarter at home. Smart home technology helps you automate your life and enhances daily convenience, safety, sustainability, cleanliness, health, and happiness at home.

Here are some smart home gadgets on the market that can help make your life easier!

Smart Home Entertainment

Smart home entertainment technology has been enhancing the home entertainment experience with features like mood lighting and holographic TV’s. Many smart home entertainment gadgets allow you to sync your entertainment system with other devices for seamless control. Whether you’re listening to music or watching TV, smart home entertainment technology offers a way to simplify your entertainment experience so you don’t have multiple remotes and cables. With features that monitor your screen time, smart home entertainment technology also gives you better control over your watching habits. Smart home entertainment technology is versatile and easy to customize to your lifestyle. For example, if you like to workout from home, products and features like the Peloton bike and app let you connect your exercise equipment to your entertainment system for an optimized experience.

Smart Displays

A smart display is a smart speaker and touchscreen combined. Smart displays look like tablets and use hands-free voice assistance to access features. Like a smart speaker, all you have to do is use your voice to make a call, search the web, and more. What’s great about smart displays is that they also have screens so you can watch videos, view pictures, or host video calls. A smart display can also come in handy in the kitchen by talking you through recipes while you’re cooking. Some popular smart displays on the market right now are the Google Nest Hub and Amazon Eco Show.

Smart Alarm Clocks

If you’re not a morning person, you may benefit from a smart alarm clock. Smart alarm clocks are designed to make mornings easier, offering varying features, from ambient sounds to guided meditations. There are many smart alarm clocks that also mimic the sunrise to help you combat the winter blues in darker months. Some smart alarm clocks have sleep monitoring features to help you establish a healthy sleep routine.

Shower Water Monitors

Shower water monitors track water and energy consumption, as well as time spent in the shower to save water and energy. These gadgets are great for promoting awareness around water consumption, encouraging you to build more efficient and eco-friendly water habits. A great shower water monitor to check out on the market is Amphiro. Amphiro is a showerhead that displays hot water consumption while you shower. With Amphiro, you can set consumption targets and its feedback technology will help you stay on track.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Whether big or small, smart kitchen appliances are great for automating the cooking process. Smart kitchen appliances range from smart coffee makers to fridges to composters and more. With your smart kitchen appliances, you can get remote updates on your cooking progress, autoregulate fridge temperatures, and even brew coffee by voice command! Here are some of the best smart kitchen appliances for 2023.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaners are wireless, self-propelled vacuum cleaners that clean the floor for you so you can keep your floors tidy with not much effort on your part. Advanced navigation technology allows these vacuum cleaners to detect and navigate obstacles. Some robot vacuum cleaners even have added features, such as self-emptying bins and built-in mopping. Robot vacuum cleaners are versatile and can be used on any flooring, from carpet to vinyl to tile. There are so many robot vacuum cleaners on the market now so you’ll have no trouble finding the best one for you depending on your home and budget.

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