But First, the Essentials!

At Minto Communities, we believe that the homeowner journey should be marked by knowledge, support, and excitement. That's why we look forward to our Homeowner Essentials sessions – a dedicated initiative designed to extend a warm welcome to homeowners in our communities across the GTA. Over the last months, we held a series of webinars for residents of The Heights of Harmony – Phase 1, Oakvillage 3A & 3B, and Union Village 1C.

Stepping into your new home is a momentous occasion, and the Homeowner Essentials sessions are tailored to ensure you're well-prepared for this exciting transition. During these informative webinars, participants are invited to dive deep into the essential preparation necessary for their move-in.

From gaining valuable insights into site conditions to immersing yourself in detail about the development of the community and the sustainable features meticulously integrated into your new home, these events are designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what to expect. The Construction Team takes you on a journey through the key construction milestones of your new home, while the Warranty Team equips you with the knowledge needed to navigate any potential post-move-in issues with confidence.

To foster understanding, our team of experts engages in an interactive Q&A session, ensuring absolute clarity before the big day arrives.

Check out the Homeowners Resources

Navigating the path to a seamless closing day experience has never been easier, thanks to our comprehensive Homeowners Resources webpage. This invaluable hub holds the key to all the information required for a smooth preparation for the move-in phase. Explore an array of resources, ranging from insightful home care tips to a crafted seasonal maintenance checklist – all aimed at ensuring your new home remains as inviting as the day you first stepped in.

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