10 Small Space Design Tricks

Moving into a new condo in the GTA comes with many benefits and conveniences, such as location and amenities; however, space and storage may present a challenge, especially if you’re new to living in a smaller home. No need to worry though! You can still live large in a smaller space. It’s all about being strategic and using the right design tricks.

Don’t let space be an obstacle for you when designing your dream home. Decorating your new condo can be a breeze with just a few simple tips. With these styling tricks and clever storage solutions, you can make any space feel open and inviting, no matter the square footage. Read below for 10 small space design tricks that will have you living in style.

1. Decorate vertically 

Beige couch in living room

Decorating vertically will help you maximize space and create more room for storage. Think of building up by using the wall space above. Things like floor to ceiling shelving, tall mirrors, and long curtains will help elongate the space.

2. Use reflective materials

Dining room

Reflective materials, such as well-placed mirrors, glass, and shiny tiles, will help bounce light, making a space feel more open and airy. You can try placing a large mirror in the corner of a room or lots of small mirrors on a wall for a gallery wall effect.

3. Use dual purpose furniture

pink couch 

Furniture that serves multiple functions is practical, smart, and will help you save both space and money. When everything has a purpose, nothing will go to waste or take up unnecessary space. Some dual furniture ideas to consider include a daybed that can double as a guest bed or a coffee table that converts into a desk. You can even find furniture that has hidden storage so you have more places to store items.

4. Clear the floor

Living room

When a space is cluttered, it can feel claustrophobic and cramped, so it’s important to keep the floor clear of mess. Floating furniture, such as floating shelves or cabinets, will open up the space and create better flow, while also providing more storage options.

5. Choose a light colour palette

Living room

Light colours can create an airy feeling in a space and make a room look bigger. When choosing your colour palette, it’s best to keep it cohesive because when there is too much for the eye to look at, the space can begin to feel cluttered. Also try to avoid stark whites and instead opt for softer and warmer tones, which feel more inviting.

6. Choose a few statement pieces

Statement pieces in new living room

The best way to incorporate eye-catching pieces in a smaller space is by being selective with your choices. That way your space can still feel bold and quirky without being cluttered. When choosing the right statement pieces for you and your space, you want to invest in pieces that reflect your style and make sense for you. Large-scale art, a big comfy couch, or a large rug are all statement pieces that work well in a smaller space.

7. Make use of lighting

Living room with a lot of lighting

Lighting is key in any space since shadows can make a space feel smaller. The right lighting can brighten up a space and make it feel more open. If you have plenty of windows, choose blinds or shades that will easily let in natural light. You can also incorporate in your own lighting to add warmth and brightness to the space with different lighting fixtures, such as string lights, scones, or floor lamps. Finding a unique lighting fixture is the perfect way to incorporate your personal style in your home.

8. Don't be afraid to be bold

room with bold colours

Many people think you have to keep things neutral in a smaller space, but that’s not the case.

Getting bold with your colour and decor choices can be a great way to breathe some life into  a space. To avoid it coming across as too loud or overwhelming, incorporate bold colours, patterns, and pieces on a smaller scale. You can use them as accents around your home, such as with an accent wall or throw pillows.

9. Add life with plants and flowers


Greenery and natural elements, such as plants and flowers, are another great way to bring a space to life. Plants and flowers not only add colour to a space, but when strategically placed, can also make a space feel more open. Tall plants or hanging plants can help draw the eye up, making a room look and feel taller.

10. Take advantage of nooks

desk nook

Every inch counts in a smaller space, so don’t forget about the nooks and corners in your home. When you get resourceful and creative, those nooks can turn into something useful and end up becoming a functional part of your home. Nooks tend to be a great place for extra storage space. If the space allows, you may also be able to fit a floating desk in the nook or use the empty space for a plant wall.


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